Traducción de pending en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈpɛndɪŋ//ˈpɛndɪŋ/


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    (awaiting action)
    to be pending estar pendiente
    • patent pending patente en trámite
    • matters pending will be considered at the next meeting los asuntos que hayan quedado pendientes serán tratados en la próxima reunión
    • The only way to question pending decisions is by debate before the decision has been made.
    • The motions seek the court's approval to dismiss all the cases as a result of a pending settlement.
    • With the party leadership preoccupied with the elections the decision on his successor is pending.
    • A post-mortem examination was due to be held on Tuesday and an inquest will be opened and adjourned pending inquiries.
    • A decision is pending at the present time and further review is also available by the Supreme Court.
    • By now the number of drink driving cases pending locally runs decisively into three figures.
    • As long as this litigation was pending, uncertainty hovered over innovation like a dark cloud.
    • A decision from that court is pending as to how much of a role a court could claim, if any.
    • My decision with respect to costs shall be reserved pending receipt of written submissions from the parties.
    • Wait until after the opposition has passed later on Wednesday before making a final decision on a pending matter.
    • Three staff members tested negative for influenza A, while the results for the remaining two were pending.
    • A court is to decide Tuesday whether he should remain in jail pending trial.
    • However, they've just been hastily reinstalled pending further legal decisions.
    • The rise is also due to the settlement of several pending claims, said a senior official.
    • He claimed few people had realised the significance of the inspector's pending decision.
    • The convention and the agreement containing the amendments remain pending in this committee.
    • He concluded that pending settlement, or trial, the proposed move was not in the children's best interests.
    • The Archbishop did not reveal if further settlements were pending.
    • That path would not be open to him under pending legislation to deny benefits to illegal aliens who lied to get work.
    • The team has also applied for a U.S. patent on the technology; that decision is pending.
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    (elections/retirement) próximo
    our move has been pending for six months now hace seis meses que nos estamos por mudar
    • Now let's hope that that pending date falls on the near side of soon.
    • The offer is technically still pending but expected to go through.
    • And he says there is a pending ecological disaster as the weed smothers river life.
    • The upside is that having a plan actually makes my life less stressful even when there are no pending disasters.
    • Some members of Congress are bracing for what they say is a pending man-made financial disaster.
    • Without a precautionary approach, regulatory action might have been delayed pending more compelling evidence of a risk of harm.



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