Traducción de pendulum en Español:


péndulo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛndjʊləm//ˈpɛndʒələm/

nombrePlural pendulums

  • 1

    péndulo masculino
    the pendulum has swung the other way las cosas se han ido al otro extremo
    • Although he wrongly concluded that the periods of oscillation of two pendulums were in the same ratio as their lengths, he later corrected the error.
    • Sometimes the pendulum is at one extreme or another as the result of the push of forces for change.
    • Those are the days when the cycling mental pendulum is at its polar extremes.
    • This must put him near the low point in the pendulum of architectural fashion.
    • You can see how the pendulum between these two extremes has swung by looking at e-mail.