Traducción de penetrating en Español:


penetrante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛnɪtreɪtɪŋ//ˈpɛnəˌtreɪdɪŋ/


  • 1

    (sound/gaze/voice) penetrante
    (rain) que cala
    penetrating oil aceite lubricante masculino
    • Acid or chemical stain is a penetrating stain that chemically etches the color into the concrete for a permanent marble like finish.
    • We're looking for ways of penetrating that economic community in an economic fashion.
    • Or maybe I'm looking at this with a much more penetrating eye than is needed.
    • It was really cold, with a sneaky, penetrating breeze to provide an extra wind-chill.
    • His hair is a light brown, with very penetrating eyes, and a slightly brooding look.
    • Driven by a penetrating east wind, it drifted until every hollow and depression was filled and the landscape assumed the appearance of a vast white prairie.
    • The horns are very penetrating and to many it is a public nuisance.
    • Delivering six full songs and other song fragments, her penetrating chest voice and her haunting ornaments in piquant modes were simply stunning.
    • A nasty, penetrating wind, and the sting of snizzle in the air once more.
    • He stared at her, his piercing, penetrating gaze shooting right through her, reading her like a book.
    • The penetrating whine of the fighter-bombers and the blast of the missiles overwhelm my brain, robbing me of both understanding and psyche.
    • No longer will your home be plagued by the penetrating effervescence that periodically resounds from the smallest room in the house.
    • I looked at the doctor with penetrating eyes and declared, ‘I'll have this baby by midnight!’
    • I rushed into the living room to see poor Graham getting well and truly damp in a fine, penetrating rain.
    • Nor is it contended that it results from rising damp or penetrating damp.
    • The puma nodded once and stepped outside into the penetrating cold.
    • It's turned suddenly rather cold, in that penetrating way that gets into the bones and takes an awful lot of shifting.
    • Simplistic chord structures and things just very impressive in the way that a lot of old heavy metal music is very penetrating and domineering and drowns things out.
    • Tim sat upright at the penetrating noise and flipped in his hammock.
    • They call him a nobleman, but I knew that you, who see people so clearly with your penetrating eyes, would see him for what he was.
    • Above all, a viewer is made very conscious of the penetrating power of the artist's eyes as he stares into the mirror.
    • There were no secrets that could hide from his penetrating eyes.
    • As it happens, she plays a fierce doubles game, with a steady serve, a sure overhead, penetrating volleys and an occasional blazing return of serve.
    • He wore a long, rough-looking, black cloak and looked out at you from under his hood with deep brown, penetrating eyes.
    • Her penetrating eyes moved to the two siblings, who apparently caught some hidden meaning that Evelyn didn't at watching the elder's haunting gaze.
    • The mechanisms often seize through lack of use, but with the wiper motor removed - a relatively simple task - it's possible to get to the problem areas and apply penetrating oil.
    • Although alpha particles are not a very penetrating form of radiation, when inside the body they can do significant harm to any living cells they happen to pass through.
    • Only at nights did he fear the penetrating eyes of his wife.
    • He has a low, soulful voice with penetrating anger and smarts.
    • I tried very hard that day, but I could not hear what she heard in his voice nor see what she saw in his starkly penetrating eyes.
    • One of the men was clearly a young Bill, with the same penetrating eyes and subdued smile.
    • They tend to feel warm, have somewhat oily skin, penetrating eyes, and sharp features.
    • The wooden door burst open as if a bomb exploded behind it, the sound penetrating through the already deafening silence.
    • In an instant, he is there once more, with his familiar, intense, penetrating, braying sound.
    • Its penetrating tone could carry far and rise above the fracas.
    • He created music of penetrating sadness and beauty, and with only four solo albums released in his career, he had much more to offer.
    • At her mother's penetrating stare, she muttered, ‘sorry’ and inhaled deeply.
    • The sound system rolls out bass like a living beast, penetrating flesh and rattling the ribs beneath.
    • I've never seen a child with such cold, penetrating eyes.
    • Some of these songs have a varying beat and indications of some intelligent musicianship, not like the penetrating bass that thunders out from cars and flats wherever you go.
    • The peninsula is sandwiched between two sea lochs, Loch Fyne to the west and Loch Long to the east - the latter penetrating inland from the Firth of Clyde.
    • I started wondering about this penetrating chemical presence when some vile organic substance bubbled up from a clogged pipe in our basement floor the day after we moved in.
    • The flames of the many candles were mirrored in his deep, penetrating eyes.
    • Bobby peered into those pale, penetrating eyes, sort of shrugged and gave her a feeble chipmunk smile.
    • As I stood outside the store, battered by the merciless, penetrating wind, I was reminded of days when I'd wear two pairs of pyjamas under my uniform in a vain attempt to keep warm.
    • He was immediately distinguished by his diminutive figure, extremely long white beard, and dark, penetrating eyes.
    • Opening her mouth Lula bellowed a penetrating snarl as her fist drove into the wall hammering a hole through it.
    • More often she presents her men and women with such a penetrating, somber empathy that a deliberate affective claustrophobia seizes the reader.
    • He was fairly short, a trifle rotund, with dark penetrating eyes that had a way of roving mercurially over objects under surveillance.
    • Infrared is particularly effective for penetrating thick, murky regions of space and revealing what lies beyond.
    • Her penetrating eyes landed on her small, black school bag.
  • 2

    (analysis/insight) penetrante
    (insight/analysis) agudo
    (insight/analysis) perspicaz
    • What is this penetrating insight that leads us to the direct experience of emptiness?
    • To several cohorts of students in Social Studies 10, I can only say that I learned more from your penetrating questions than I probably ever taught you in tutorial.
    • And I asked him penetrating questions everybody told me not to ask him because that is my nature.
    • It is not a pedagogical treatise, it is the reflections of an artist upon art in aphorisms of penetrating insight, ready wit, and profound wisdom.
    • By depending on the religious inclination of the general public he has evinced extremely penetrating insight.
    • He had not expected such a penetrating question so quickly.
    • The book ends by posing and answering a series of lucid and penetrating questions that are aimed at about the level of undergraduates and informed general readers.
    • Expert adversaries, who have the right to receive public answers to their most penetrating questions, police the scientific method.
    • He has, with sheer penetrating insight, portrayed the decadent values and human failings of his times in simple but effective words.
    • And it's not quite the penetrating insight into the human condition it thinks it is, either.
    • How could a penetrating or insightful script emerge from such a process, which is more than anything else the working out of different financial and corporate arrangements?
    • Note the dramatic narrative and implicit autobiography that emerge from this penetrating insight.
    • He or she allows employees to think for themselves by encouraging them to show initiative, to think critically, to ask penetrating questions about their work.
    • As with all aggregate health care data, these statistics were not designed to answer the most penetrating questions.
    • My discovery, disconcerting though it was, gave me a penetrating insight into style.
    • You have to be open to a penetrating insight deeply imbedded in the stuff of language.
    • And they asked these kind of penetrating questions that make you understand they really know what's going on.
    • He had both the subtle mind of the metaphysician and the penetrating insight of the disillusioned moralist.
    • Instead, he is most often regarded as a man of penetrating insight.
    • His penetrating insights into aspects of health policy during the 1950s and 1960s are unsurpassed.