Traducción de pennant en Español:


banderín, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛnənt//ˈpɛnənt/


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    banderín masculino
    Marina gallardete masculino
    • The last voyage of a hectic year was completed with her decommissioning pennant flying as she sailed form Fremantle to Fleet Base West.
    • During the service the traditional pennant, which declares to the enemy that prayers are being said and that the ‘ship should not be attacked’, flew from the chapel balcony.
    • September 30 saw HMS Alderney's last entry into Portsmouth with her decommissioning pennant flying after a final visit to her namesake island.
    • The warship will fly the personal pennant of the Duke of Marlborough to mark his presence on board as she leaves Portsmouth Harbour.
    • A typical Fourth of July in New York City began with the roar of cannons and the unfurling of flags, pennants, and streamers from the masts of hundreds of ships around the harbor.
    • HMS Coventry has returned to the UK for the last time, flying her decommissioning pennant with pride at the end of a highly-successful deployment to the West Indies.
    • Every inch of sail was up, yet hung like pennants in an airless void.
    • Access points to the hull are all clearly marked with warning signs, and along her flanks, where her pennant number F71 was painted, is the name of her new owners and the website address.
    • Such were organisers' fears about the British weather - justified, as it turned out - that decorative flags, pennants and banners were made from wool material which would best withstand wind and rain.
    • The Type 42 destroyer has made a symbolic final entry into her home base, Portsmouth, trailing her decommissioning pennant.
    • One pennant indicates a small-craft advisory which alerts mariners that weather, potentially dangerous to small crafts, is either occurring or is forecast.
    • Survey ship HMS Bulldog has completed her final deployment, and sailed into her home port of Devonport flying her decommissioning pennant after 33 years of service.
    • Flying her paying-off pennant, HMAS Mildura sails from Fremantle and heads for Melbourne for the last time on July 15, 1953.
    • Moored ships moved restlessly, shifting and creaking, the forest of masts with their canopies of ropes and sails and pennants swaying ever so slightly in the breeze.
    • Both Islands had a huge gleaming city of made of white marble glowing in the son as well as countless pennants and dozens of white ships with their bows carved to look like swans.
    • Alongside the photos hangs a child's painting with the crayoned warship marked with the designated pennant number of F88, in real life once carried by HMS Broadsword.