Traducción de penny en Español:


penique, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛni//ˈpɛni/


  • 1plural pence

    (in UK)
    • 1.1(value)

      penique masculino
      old penny (equivalente a 2,4 peniques actuales) antiguo penique
      • Payment was made in cash of the pounds, shillings and pence variety and the ‘luck penny’ handed over.
      • Buy a little book ruled for the purpose for pounds, shillings and pence and keep an account of cash received and expended.
      • There were twenty shillings in a pound and twelve pence in a shilling.
      • The wickedly funny show is set in the days of pounds, shillings and pence, tin baths and condensed-milk butties.
      • He continued writing something in a ledger, balancing columns of pounds, shillings and pence.
      • Prior to decimalization, the pound was divided into twenty shillings, each shilling into twelve pennies and each penny into four farthings.
      • Before 1971 there were 240 pennies in a pound, 12 pennies in a shilling, and maths lessons were a lot more difficult.
      • I'll take anything, even old pennies from the pound shilling and pence era.
      • It will be little different from when we scrapped pounds, shillings and pence and switched to the decimal system.
      • The teenager quickly added up the long columns of pounds, shillings and pence, scoring top marks.

    • 1.2plural pennies(coin)

      penique masculino

  • 2plural pennies

    (in US, Canada: cent coin)
    moneda de un centavo femenino
    centavo masculino
    • By now, every person who had been watching was at once confident that there were no coins left and curious as to why someone would bother to carry around exactly four hundred fifty pennies.
    • Staring down into it you could see the shiny bronze pennies and silver dimes lying at the bottom.
    • ‘A hundred pennies make a dollar,’ my father would say, encouraging me to surrender the coin in my hand to a narrow slot in the head of a porcelain pig.
    • To make things easier, the penny will also go up in value one cent each year until it is worth five cents.
    • The getter collects all the materials needed for the activity, which include shaving cream, 2 paper towels, and a penny.
    • You wouldn't be able to tell whether a web page costs a penny or a hundred dollars to visit.
  • 3plural pennies

    (small sum)
    céntimo masculino
    centavo masculino
    she hasn't a penny to her name no tiene donde caerse muerta coloquial
    • and not a penny more/less! ¡y ni un céntimo más/menos!
    • A penny here and a penny there added up to some very real money last year at 30 Seattle-area schools.
    • Not only are they given away for free at some clinics, but a subscription for the pill at a chemist costs only pennies.
    • It costs pennies, and its side effect is an upset stomach.
    • My first effort was in 1934 when I went round all the villages collecting pennies for the people who needed the money.
    • Add up all those measly little pennies and the total cost for one slice of pizza comes to 78 cents.
    • So one of my biggest pet peeves is people who waste lab supply money on things you can make yourself for pennies and only a little bit of work.
    • Last time I checked, most glass lenses cost more than pennies.
    • It would cost just a few pennies to infuse a mix of spices into a vat of wine, so it's time someone gave us a mulled wine fit to drink.
    • They make their money not so much from gas, which yields pennies of profit, but from all the stuff in the store.
    • There is high end and low end and many designers sell clothing articles for very high prices that cost pennies to manufacture!
    • Each day tens of thousands of parents around the world watch helplessly as their children die from illnesses that can be easily treated with medications that cost only pennies, but which are out of reach to the impoverished.
    • And before that I always saved up my pennies in a money box for rainy days.
    • China alone has 8,000 toy makers competing fiercely for contracts by shaving pennies off production costs.
    • It costs pennies to use CD-Rs as a storage medium but I'm worried about them because I've see students cut bad copies every week.
    • Save up your pennies before you go to save wasting lots of money you haven't got.
    • I tell them how the butcher's van would stop outside my parents' house selling lovely fresh meat and how we could make money by collecting empty pop bottles and exchanging them for pennies at the village shop.
    • Counting my pennies, I realised I had just enough money left for my favourite crepe and a cocktail.
    • So I'll be rolling up my pennies - and trust me, there are a lot of pennies to be rolled - and sending the money off to Rachel to support her wonderful project.
    • It now costs only pennies to produce a paperback, and books themselves can often be bought for less than the price of a cinema ticket.
    • It hardly mattered that some of her cosmetics cost but pennies to make; it was the promise of glamour that put them across.