Traducción de penny whistle en Español:

penny whistle

flautín, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈpɛni ˌ(h)wɪsəl/


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    flautín masculino
    • So we find a story about six sailors who were rescued from a shipwreck through blowing on a penny whistle, which was eventually heard by their rescuers.
    • And if you can't whistle, then get a flute or a recorder or a penny whistle or a harmonica and bring your music into the world.
    • The term is also used for instruments with full melodic capability such as the swanee whistle and penny whistle.
    • There isn't one poor song and a bonus is the use of unexpected instruments, such as a recorder and penny whistle on a couple of the tracks.
    • In 1713, Benjamin Franklin took money he had received for Christmas and bought a penny whistle.
    • Among the 87 young musicians are players of all the main orchestral instruments and some surprising others, including electric guitar and penny whistle.
    • The interplay between keyboards, flute, guitar and even a rocked out penny whistle is absolutely mesmerizing, with each musician pushing the other to the limit.
    • But the first three movements could have consisted of penny whistles and tin drums, because the 4th made you forget everything that came before.
    • Suddenly across the loch, a giant fish leaps up out of the pitch-black water, then disappears beneath the surface, and high above a flock of starlings wheels overhead jabbering with the shrill screech of a penny whistle.
    • He spoke of Kate's love of music, and her talent at the flute, harmonium and penny whistle, and how fitting it was that her final journey to the cemetery should be on a horse-drawn carriage, as she had always loved horses.
    • Most of the local beggars are able only to play When the Saints Go Marching In on a penny whistle and authorities admit few stand a chance of passing an audition to become official buskers.
    • It is to make the distinction, he says, between somebody like himself who is a bona-fide musician, and those who think because they can squeeze an out-of-tune note out of a penny whistle it makes them a street entertainer.
    • She had minimal skills on the oboe, French horn, guitar, viola, mandolin, and penny whistle.
    • There's not too many people playing the penny whistle in Thailand and it sounds good with Rick's guitar.
    • Other influences that can be heard in the band's music include kwela (South African penny whistle music), chimurenga (Zimbabwean dance music), jazz and reggae.
    • They pound on drums, beat on marimbas and blow penny whistles - leaving their audience entranced.
    • By now he was in a huddle with two locals, fingering silent chords while one of them played something softly on a penny whistle.
    • All that is experienced at the user end is the computer equivalent of playing Wagner on a penny whistle.
    • A cut up hybrid of military pomposity and electro bits that, layering penny whistles and rattling snares with the tubas and the piano, feels like a thoroughly modern reading of war.
    • Buskers who stand in subways with a cap and a penny whistle can intimidate people, and it doesn't create a pleasant atmosphere.