Traducción de pension pot en Español:

pension pot

alcancía de pensiones, n.


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    alcancía de pensiones femenino América Latina
    hucha de pensiones femenino España
    • The longer you can wait to retire, the bigger your pension pot should be.
    • Many judges now retire with 2 million-plus pension pots.
    • Many at work do not earn enough to build a decent pension pot.
    • The first generations who contributed to its compulsory system are now approaching retirement to appreciate just how little their pension pots will buy.
    • The top bosses of bailed-out banks should have been sacked with no bonuses paid or immoral increases to their ridiculous pension pots.
    • Workers in the private sector must acquire a pension pot of almost 700,000 to enjoy an equivalent annual pension.
    • Firstly falling interest rates have sharply reduced what your pension pot will buy, leaving people with much smaller incomes.
    • Therefore you need to save ever bigger sums to achieve the same pensions pot.
    • Here the company promises to put some money into your pension pot.
    • The pension pots of former prime ministers are around 1.75 million.
    • At the same time, it says staff are having to contribute an extra 1.6 per cent into their pension pots.
    • The deep income inequalities offer little chance of building cash savings of 50,000 or a decent pension pot.
    • Someone pocketing a ten per cent pay rise will therefore see only part of that rise translated into their pension pot.
    • You can already see the ads piling up in the tabloids offering even bigger riches to people with big pensions pots.
    • Council chiefs have won a battle to keep their gold-plated pension pots out of a new Government disclosure scheme.
    • Miss Gibb is also expected to keep her 507,000 pension pot.
    • The law requires you to buy an annuity with most of your pension pot by the age of 75.
    • Nearly a quarter of stamp duty is paid by UK pension funds, reducing the value of the average pension pot by 8,000.
    • An annuity is a financial scheme which pays a regular income from your pension pot.
    • A worker in the private sector with a defined-contribution pension must amass a pension pot of almost 700,000 to enjoy an equivalent annual pension.