Traducción de pepper-and-salt en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈpɛpər ən(d) ˈsɔlt///


  • 1

    (coat) moteado de blanco y negro
    (hair) entrecano
    • I smiled at the face in the mirror, scraped at the pepper-and-salt stubble, and gave myself a very close shave.
    • After the war, her costume ‘is covered, winter and summer, by a frayed macintosh… and she now wears a hat as well - a thing like a basket pulled down over her straying, pepper-and-salt hair’.
    • His big problem, as he might admit in the lonely watches of the night, is located just below the pepper-and-salt moustache of which he is so proud.
    • He was dressed in a pepper-and-salt suit, which was all the rage in those days.
    • And though he wore corduroys at work, and a slop-made pepper-and-salt suit on Sundays, strangers would turn round to look after him on the road.