Traducción de peppy en Español:


lleno de vida, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛpi//ˈpɛpi/

adjetivopeppier, peppiest


  • 1

    (person) lleno de vida
    (person) vivaz
    (engine) con garra coloquial
    • I don't think imagery of happy, peppy people is going to make people less cynical.
    • She was peppy, bouncy, upbeat, and made up in energy and attack what she lacked in finesse.
    • You see, every time they go to the tote board for a new total, they play a peppy Jewish folk tune and a group of young men come out and dance a rousing hora in celebration.
    • She's the peppy, dynamic, energetic one from that group.
    • This disc doesn't feel as peppy and energetic as the first.
    • Nevertheless, the crowd didn't seem to mind these trifles too much as they danced and sang in tune to the band's peppy, upbeat funk-rock.
    • A peppy new moon may give you just enough energy to heft a barbell or two.
    • If my memory is correct, they are behind many of the luxury fragrances that peppy people try to spritz at you when you enter department stores.
    • That discussion is better left to a day when he's in a peppy chatty mood.
    • I hadn't known her very long, but I hadn't thought that she could be anything but peppy and happy.
    • She's cheerful and peppy, totally a cheerleader in the making.
    • Despite her peppy smile and attitude, she despised her job and wished for it to end.
    • Any other peppy songs on here would turn it into something off-kilter.
    • The jazz was peppy and had me laughing and smiling at the humor.
    • Inwardly I rolled my eyes, but kept my peppy smile in place.
    • A few minutes later, an obviously peppy waitress came up, her blue eyes bright and a smile on her face.
    • A three-man band banged out peppy martial tunes while the group chanted and danced in the heat.
    • I was planning to wish you a Happy New Year and make a little peppy speech about dusting off the cobwebs for the excitement of the future yet to come.
    • The peppy, cheerful mariachi band music piped into the room was really getting on his nerves.
    • She is one of those peppy, optimistic, chatterbox types that you can't get to shut up.