Traducción de per en Español:


por, prep

Pronunciación /pəː//pər/


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    (for each)
    the meal cost £10 per head la comida costó 10 libras por cabeza
    • at $25 per kilo a 25 dólares el kilo
    • £20 per person per night 20 libras por persona y noche
    • Results presented are the mean of measurements from a minimum of five plants per line from two harvests.
    • Are we limited to a total of three bags for the whole house or three bags per unit?
    • It lists some of the channels available in the UK and how much they cost us, per person, per week.
    • The means of 10 replications per line were used in the data analysis for each trait.
    • All measurements were determined on a per plant basis by dividing each variable by the plant number per plot.
    • Benefits were being paid to her daughter of £330 per week direct by credit transfer.
    • The only evidence of the cost of repainting was expressed in terms of a rate per square metre.
    • By the winter artillery ammunition had been rationed to one or two shells per gun per day.
    • For the cued recall test, the 28 adjectives were typed one per line on a sheet of paper.
    • Her respiratory rate was 36 breaths per minute with rapid and shallow breathing.
    • Only two swimmers per country, per individual event, are allowed to compete.
    • It is calculated by dividing the share price by the company's earnings per share.
    • What these cowboys do is produce a measuring stick and quote what seems a cheap price per line on the stick.
    • In the last week of March, houses in the city were being sold at the rate of 400 per day.
    • The fact that the cost per unit of his pesticides has risen, makes the effect more dramatic.
    • The price per slave, then, is this total cost divided by the number of slaves in the lot.
    • The average cost per household is obtained by dividing the precept by the number of households in the town.
    • The charge of this card per minute is a little bit higher than the monthly subscription model.
    • The service will operate four days per week, in each direction between the two cities.
    • Set a time limit for the number of hours per day or per week you will devote to television.