Traducción de perception en Español:


percepción, n.

Pronunciación /pərˈsɛpʃ(ə)n//pəˈsɛpʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1Psicología

      percepción femenino
      sense perception percepción sensorial
      • It is wise to never under-estimate human perception and the ability of the person on the end of the line to sense attitudes.
      • Eyesight is a gift, as precious as life itself, since our experience, memory and way of thinking is intrinsically linked with our visual perception of the world.
      • When older, we also lose depth perception and the ability to distinguish contrast.
      • "It can drastically change not only our visual perception, but also our emotional response, " she said.
      • Intuition involves the use of senses other than the five typically considered the full range of human sensory perception.
      • Insights into color perception are often crucial to understanding animal behavior, ecology, and speciation.
      • In this heightened perception human beings appear as ‘fibres of light’ that assume the form of ‘luminous eggs’.
      • But three-dimensional perception and the ability to recognize complex objects such as the faces of family and friends remain severely impaired.
      • Each organ of sense perception responds to a particular sensation that leads to cognition.
      • Sharpen visual perception and increase ability to estimate accurately.
      • When her survey group becomes lost inside the cave, the author uses the experience to propel questions of the duplicity of maps and the ambiguities of human perception.
      • To bring science closer to human perception has been the main aim of my work.
      • On the contrary, he does everything to avoid giving the space-time continuum an absolute status outside human perception.
      • Yet this is just a psychological trick of our visual perception because the absolute dimensions of this notebook are really very, very small.
      • People who have extrasensory perception are said to be psychic.
      • His particular speciality is visual perception to guide robots.
      • One such front involves the extension of human visual perception beyond visible wavelengths.
      • Johnston in her introduction stresses the importance of examining the culture of the body because of its centrality to human perception and expression.
      • Her Ph.D. work combined research in art, visual perception and perceptual learning.

    • 1.2Psicología

      percepción femenino
      • Therefore, perception of the induced stimulus was, in principle, to be determined by vection aftereffects alone.
      • It sometimes seems that all that is required to produce a durable long-term memory is perception of a meaningful stimulus event.
      • Cognitive psychologists have abandoned their exclusive focus on reasoning, perception, and memory, and are rediscovering the importance of affective processes.
      • Having a working model of the brain, or even the incredibly complex neocortex, should help researchers understand processes like thought, perception and memory.
      • When the critical stimulus is compatible with the first response, the corresponding code is occupied and perception of that stimulus is impaired.

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    (idea) idea femenino
    (image) imagen femenino
    people's perceptions of class differences la idea que la gente tiene de las diferencias sociales
    • the perception of the President as … la imagen del Presidente como …
    • it is my perception that … tengo la impresión de que …
    • In my judgment it is legitimate to have regard to public perception when considering the characteristics of a penal system.
    • He suggested people's perceptions of the situation did not always match the reality.
    • It is important that they not be judgmental of the victim and understand that individual perception and interpretation determine sexual harassment.
    • Unproven claims cleverly mask the truth with false doctrines about nature's workings that distort unsuspecting perceptions of reality.
    • "We need to work towards changing the negative perception of our continent as a ' risky continent '.
    • Sleep deprivation, even if it's just for one night, can alter your perception of the world entirely.
    • My step-father became my father-figure, shaping my perceptions of the world.
    • Politicians tend to share this general public perception.
    • Subjective perceptions were not directly associated with weaning outcomes.
    • All stakeholders shared the responsibility to transform this negative public perception of the province.
    • And that is what stands out most to me in regards to the public perception of magick.
    • Children's perceptions of their academic competence were also compared with their actual grades.
    • The book radically challenged the public's perception of mental health and its treatment.
    • Processes of care were important factors in patients' perceptions of the quality of the care they received.
    • That's certainly the popular perception here in America too, but it's not confirmed by the facts.
    • Such an approach further challenges popular perception.
    • On the other hand, these narratives may reflect popular perceptions of a historical reality.
    • I'm not trying to influence people's tastes or change people's perceptions of the world.
    • Instead, participants used rating scales that assessed their own subjective perception of conflict in their friendship relationships.
    • To what extent are children's perceptions shaped by human evolution?
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    perspicacia femenino
    agudeza femenino
    • She totally keeps amazing me with her intuition, her perception and her intellect.
    • Reorienting one's cognitive faculties so that such insight is possible is the rationale underlying the practice of yoga, and the resulting insight is called yogic perception.
    • In this book, he demonstrates his perception and understanding of a complex reality.
    • It also polarizes two kinds of knowledge: a truth that is grounded in meaning and perception, and a truth that is based on inert fact and prosaic reality.
    • Their perception and insight are truly remarkable.
    • The benefit of employing the collective perception and insight of these leaders is already apparent.
    • It is a unique cinematic experience, created by a young British / Indian filmmaker who has the courage of his perception and an understanding that movies are a visual medium.
    • Cancer's perception and intuition combined with Capricorn's pragmatism, organization and ambition will provide an excellent business sense.
    • It has been and is an elevating experience towards spiritual perception in painting.
    • You have the gifts of perception, extended vision, insight, and intuition and display an eagerness to display your full creative expression.
    • Honest and straightforward, this duo has amazingly accurate insight and perception.
    • Their perception and insight into people is frighteningly accurate.
    • In the evolving depth of his pieces you can track his personal growth, the changes in insight and perception born of his trek around the world.
    • The second is the use of the eyes not just to see in the normal sense, but to gain insight, discernment, perception and precognition.
    • Each person makes his or her own decision according to personal perception and understanding.
    • He uses perception and intuition in his coaching style.
    • You won't read this for the prose, the insight or the critical perception, but it's the fan book for fans who prefer lies, gossip and rumours to mundane day-to-day truth.
    • The urge of these acolytes is not dramatic, but mercantile - to traduce all personal history, to subvert all perception or insight into gain, or the hope of gain.