Traducción de perceptual en Español:


de percepción, adj.

Pronunciación /pərˈsɛp(t)ʃ(u)əl//pəˈsɛptjʊəl/



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    (problem) de percepción
    (difficulty) perceptivo
    (difficulty) de percepción
    • This is quite like the perceptual experience of browsing in a physical store.
    • How does one increase the perceptual asset which is critical to the valuation of the share?
    • The general conclusion is that there are a number of perceptual abilities that diminish with age.
    • Perhaps I only see your ears, like two delicate shells, because I am trapped in my own perceptual disorder.
    • There is a second sense in which perceptual knowledge is objective.
    • In some works, our experience of the loop is perceptual, rather than physical.
    • He said people may be surprised by this phenomenon because of the unique perceptual aspects of viewing a picture.
    • This is a highly determinative molding of the brain-computer interlock, locking us into tight perceptual loops.
    • He applies the same psychological illusion, perceptual manipulation and persuasive technique in his new live show.
    • There is a typology of perceptual filters, which can be split into four categories.
    • You can anticipate a much wider range of possibilities by tapping into your robot's perceptual system.
    • These cues varied systematically in their perceptual salience relative to the primary task in which it was embedded.
    • I have a sense of the perceptual presence of the whole bottle, which is uninferred.
    • Let the audience see the truth or the perceptual truth and decide for themselves.
    • We administered all the ability and perceptual tests except the olfactory tasks by computer.
    • That perceptual fix is still there, and each crisis sees them reaching back to it.
    • Whatever flows through your perceptual systems can be rewound and queued up for viewing at a later date.
    • Here the claim that is made is that these perceptual phenomena are not exhausted by how the world is represented to the subject to be.
    • To eliminate the variable of aesthetic and perceptual bias, they also included some mirror-images.
    • However, such findings of perceptual specificity have had little impact on current theoretical models.