Traducción de perennial en Español:


perenne, adj.

Pronunciación /pəˈrɛniəl//pəˈrɛnɪəl/


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    • In general, avoid sowing seed of any annual grasses into a lawn of perennial grasses.
    • They are also used quite effectively when planted in close groups among perennial shrubs.
    • Eliminate weeds, especially perennial weeds, before planting to reduce weed problems later.
    • Fertilizers formulated for perennial flowers are usually fine.
    • If you plant perennial herbs in the vegetable garden, set them off so they'll be easy to avoid during spring and fall tilling.
    • Weeds wither within a few minutes (though perennial weeds will require repeat applications).
    • Grasses other than perennial ryegrass give a poor return for money spent on fertiliser.
    • The bulbs can remain in the same location year after year and thus act as perennial plants.
    • If the weeds are sparse, use that early spring energy to hand pull some of those perennial weeds.
    • Paraquat may severely injure some perennial grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass.
    • Dormancy also occurs in summer in some perennial grasses originating from Mediterranean climates.
    • As perennial plants grow, they can fill the entire pot with their roots.
    • Perennial weeds growing from underground structures are capable of growing through organic mulches.
    • However, most studies of plant defense genes have been performed on annual or short-lived perennial weeds or crop species.
    • Perennial ryegrass is excellent for use in creep grazing pastures for young animals.
    • There are some hardy perennial plants that we, as gardeners, simply must have.
    • It may be tempting to choose perennial species for your garden by looks alone.
    • Therefore, cattle could not be moved directly from wheat pasture to cool season perennial grass.
    • But in a perennial flower bed, you might want something more permanent and decorative.
    • The perennial herb is native to southern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean.
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    (recurring, everlasting)
    (shortage/problem) perenne
    (problem/shortage) perpetuo
    (shortage/problem) eterno
    (rival/topic) eterno
    (rival/topic) de siempre
    his perennial complaint su eterna queja
    • On Tuesday night, they grappled with a perennial favourite - whether to put the community's interest above their own.
    • Getting students to experience this same epiphany is a perennial challenge for the teachers of every subject.
    • Over the years, various stage productions have added their own theatrical styles to the show, ensuring it remains a perennial favourite of theatre-goers around the world.
    • But the variability of sales throughout the year, in what remains a soft market, is a perennial problem which he acknowledges publishers play a role in exacerbating.
    • The menu changes daily, but the halibut macadamia is a perennial favorite.
    • Here's a perennial favourite that never fails to raise a chuckle or two.
    • His life was lived trying to get in touch with the deepest truth of being and its enactment in society and an engagement with the perennial question of all Indian philosophies: Who am I?
    • Yet he remains anchored in the permanent things, in the perennial liberal tradition.
    • For a very long time the people of this planet have been engaged in one of the perennial debates over the collective wisdom of crowds.
    • One perennial conceptual problem is moving students past notions that photographs are mere illustrations when paired with written text.
    • We believed the pedagogy might offer tentative answers to some of the perennial questions of our profession: How can we motivate students to see the value of writing?
    • The recent series of robberies from college accommodation has brought the perennial charge that students invite the thefts they are prey to.
    • Internal communication difficulties were a perennial problem with large organisations, he claimed.
    • It's the best, even if your club is engaged in perennial struggle.
    • During the team's first three seasons, the goaltending situation was a perennial sore spot.
    • They included volleyball and relays, but the perennial favourite was the interdepartmental Tug-of-War.
    • A perennial favourite among modern readers are the bestsellers on subjects such as cookery, home improvement, self-help and personality development.
    • A perennial chestnut of debate about the police role has been whether the police are best considered as a force, with the primary function of enforcing the criminal law, or as a service, calming a sea of social troubles.
    • It was the perennial tug-of-war between engagement and withdrawal.
    • Glazed carrots are a perennial favorite and a quick way to dress up a meal.


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    planta perenne femenino
    planta vivaz femenino