Traducción de perfectly en Español:


totalmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈpəːfɪk(t)li//ˈpərfək(t)li/


  • 1

    • 1.1(exactly)

      (round/straight/smooth) totalmente
      the two halves fit together perfectly las dos mitades encajan perfectamente
      • The technical help desks at both companies assured me it was perfectly possible to do it oneself.
      • Perhaps it's not the right thing to say but to be perfectly honest about it, yes.
      • A face is perfectly symmetrical where one side is exactly the same as the other.
      • What is perfectly clear is that the entire venture has been daring from the outset.
      • It is perfectly clear that at no time did the claimant hold any such appointment as a member of any such body.
      • Why would she tell her father and mother what they already know perfectly well?
      • Consequently, once we enter the store, my perfectly ordered list makes no sense at all.
      • We used to complain about how little we see of each other so this works out perfectly.
      • The company said it believed this was a perfectly appropriate marketing strategy.
      • This is a perfectly placed hotel in which to wallow in cool style and luxury.
      • I am not going to summarise the plan here, because you can perfectly well read it for yourself.
      • Served in a sauce with beef, game or shellfish, it can lift the flavour perfectly.
      • They perfectly captured the spirit that he intended for many of his works.
      • It helps to mar what is otherwise a perfectly respectable account of the old soak's rise to power.
      • Those of vague faith hold a perfectly reasonable and defensible position in a world of plenty.
      • It is my idea of a perfectly lovely summer afternoon to sit in a lawn chair in the shade and read.
      • It is, of course, perfectly legitimate to question whether or not they were right to do that.
      • The reality is far from that and I wondered why because to us it seems perfectly normal.
      • That there are perfectly legitimate claims for compensation is a fact nobody would deny.
      • Now it is of course perfectly possible for there to be two valid legal reasons for doing something.
      • I'm perfectly aware that this one was just random bad luck, and just wanted to vent.
      • Around them the paddies are such a perfectly unsullied shade of green they don't seem real.
      • You fall in love and the guy is wonderful and everything works perfectly first time.
      • Bottled water in a country where perfectly drinkable stuff comes out of the tap was one.
      • For him to want to continue a relationship with his child is perfectly natural.
      • It's perfectly possible that the next time I go back to Brazil it will reclaim its title.
      • On the other, though, he is so perfectly behaved you could almost believe he was a young adult.
      • It perfectly matched my shirt, and a tall Sikh boy with an insurmountable grin stopped to tie it on.
      • What tends to deprave or corrupt one person may prove perfectly inoffensive to another.
      • At the outbreak of the first world war, she was perfectly equipped for a role in intelligence.
      • The utter misery of having to finish a race you wish you'd never started is captured perfectly.
      • It is a waste of taxpayers money to pay for something that can happen perfectly well without the money.
      • He was perfectly justified in criticising the way English clubs are run financially.
      • The spirit of this music and its wonderful contrasts of mood are captured perfectly.
      • The bed of noodles complemented it perfectly, as did the sauce in which it swam.
      • It's perfectly in order and lots of people in loving, caring relationships have it.
      • Of course, many of the technicians knew perfectly well how to read music but they could not admit it.
      • I would like to make it perfectly clear right now that I did not vote for these guys.
      • It may be perfectly secure, but I'm not sure it will feel secure to internet punters.
      • She picked up and started scrubbing what appeared to be an already perfectly clean glass bowl.

    • 1.2(faultlessly)

      (work/do) perfectamente
      she speaks English perfectly habla inglés perfectamente / a la perfección
      • the fish is perfectly cooked el pescado está en su punto
      • your arrival was perfectly timed llegaste en el momento justo
      • she has perfectly formed features tiene unas facciones perfectas

    • 1.3(ideally)

      it all worked out perfectly todo salió perfectamente / a la perfección

  • 2

    (completely, utterly)
    (ridiculous/safe) totalmente
    (safe/ridiculous) absolutamente
    that's perfectly obvious eso está clarísimo
    • they are perfectly suited están hechos el uno para el otro
    • a perfectly chosen gift un regalo muy acertado
    • that's perfectly true tienes (or tiene etc.) toda la razón
    • I'm perfectly well aware of that tengo plena conciencia de eso
    • she's perfectly able to manage without my help puede arreglárselas perfectamente sin mi ayuda
    • it's perfectly possible es muy posible