Traducción de performance art en Español:

performance art

performance art, n.


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    performance art masculino
    arte de acción masculino
    • This is essentially a three-dimensional cinema acknowledging sculpture and performance art.
    • Thinking about it that way, it doesn't matter if she knows about performance art.
    • But its productions are less theatre and more a melange of performance art, music, video, and dance.
    • She is known for her performative sculptures, video and performance art.
    • Some artists bypass the market by using alternative forms, such as installation and performance art, which are not readily packaged for sale.
    • After all, how do you place performance art or conceptual art in a portfolio?
    • The Fringe festival is a great way to see what's hot, fresh and funky in theatre, comedy and performance art.
    • For the last decade, she has focused on solo dance and performance art.
    • Comprising mainly performance art, more traditional dance did manage to squeeze a satin-clad foot in the door, but only just.
    • He almost seems to be proclaiming the failure of performance art.
    • The form is bizarre, like a cabaret circa 1962 crossed with sketch comedy and performance art.
    • Sometimes Asian performance art and body art converge with developments in the West.
    • Not surprisingly, the heart of the East Village scene was performance art.
    • Puppets, patches, canvases, sculptures, and performance art are all created here.
    • Their work will embrace photography, sculpture, audio and video installations, performance art and painting.
    • As with all good performance art, one felt less a spectator than a participant.
    • It is part performance art, part percussive music, part art criticism, and definitely hilarious.
    • I also became very informed about experimental art such as performance art.
    • However, in Tbilisi, performance art and dramatic art are alive and rich.
    • Indeed, it would be hard to decode his work without some experience or knowledge of performance art and conceptual art practices.