Traducción de performing arts en Español:

performing arts

artes interpretativas, n.

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    artes interpretativas femenino
    • He has given them access to music and related performing arts.
    • The existing library will be transformed into a drama studio and performing arts area which can also be used for lectures.
    • To go for two subjects, technology and the performing arts, is unusual as schools usually focus on just one.
    • She also looks like she could go a long way in the competition, as she gives off that whole drama school / performing arts vibe.
    • This year, the performing arts emphasis is on dance, but there is a smattering of theatre.
    • Exchanges of performing arts including music, dance and drama are also frequent.
    • The festival is for those involved in the amateur performing arts in the fields of music, dance, speech and drama.
    • Bradford could become a centre for the performing arts drawing audiences from considerable distances.
    • There will also be a range of music and performing arts including 14 different jazz performances.
    • Organisers say that the idea is to expose the audience to different performing arts.
    • That is why performing arts and other art forms are used often to communicate social messages.
    • Specialist colleges can focus on languages, the performing arts, science or technology.
    • It has also protested against the loss of a town centre location for a community facility and the lack of performing arts facilities.
    • The centre will cater for young artists, who will be able to develop their skills in painting or performing arts.
    • She has performed in theatres since childhood and did a performing arts degree at university.
    • The event included a stage with performing arts, music, dance and song.
    • The new site as well as being home to the Abbey will also be a centre for the performing arts.
    • Likewise a performer needs to know everything about the performing arts.
    • There is a reason, I think, why the performing arts are so important for creating social change.
    • It is essential that there is a proper venue for amateur performing arts in the city centre.