Traducción de perhaps en Español:


quizá(s), adv.

Pronunciación /pərˈ(h)æps//pəˈhaps/


  • 1

    tal vez
    perhaps they'll come later tal vez / quizá(s) vengan más tarde
    • perhaps she didn't hear me quizá(s) / tal vez / a lo mejor no me oyó
    • he waited for perhaps half an hour esperó, tal vez / quizá(s) media hora
    • are you coming out tonight? — perhaps ¿vas a salir esta noche? — quizá(s) / tal vez / a lo mejor
    • So perhaps the entangled cards do not have any colour prior to their measurement.
    • Any attempt to strive for a better life is likely to be viewed with scorn and perhaps even presented as dangerous.
    • Ahead I see it, a sea tree, perhaps the first ever to be observed by a diver.
    • It was time to learn just who that other man was, and perhaps what sort of task he had been requested to perform.
    • The game is said to be good for two players as well as maybe four and perhaps as many as five can play it.
    • I feel like I've been drifting a bit, perhaps sitting back and taking it all in too much.
    • It would simply give someone else the power to pay bills, perhaps for a credit card, from their account.
    • Extreme acceleration is definitely a possibility, and perhaps even inevitable.
    • Irish patience is wearing thin, but perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel?
    • Refugees would require a bit of training and perhaps a few weeks' worth of labor.
    • The polls say he can't win, he says, with that glint that suggests perhaps he can.
    • We have perhaps not seen the definitive version of the car yet - and certainly not of the engine.
    • He kissed her more urgently now, as though she was the only woman he had ever loved, and perhaps she was.
    • But perhaps more than ever there are many moorland paths overgrown with the heather.
    • Just for the record, I am not brave, perhaps a bit foolhardy, and just as scared of dying as the next man.
    • In short, we still believe, perhaps more than ever, that literature is political.
    • The film has been missing in action ever since and perhaps now we know the reason.
    • The weather patterns suggest that we will have a winter season, perhaps a good one.
    • I receive perhaps four or five such requests during the course of a typical week.
    • Some want to question, to weigh up the alternatives, to perhaps seek a second opinion.