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period piece


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    the novel is of interest only as a period piece la novela tiene solo interés histórico
    • his paintings are charming period pieces sus cuadros son deliciosas estampas de época
    • her car is a period piece su coche es una pieza de museo
    • At that time it was a contemporary drama; now it is a period piece, and the transition is managed with superlative intelligence.
    • As a period piece, her book has a weird fascination, but quite why it found its way into print remains a mystery.
    • The new version will be a period piece, though it is likely to begin in the present day, with someone setting the scene.
    • Curiously - for it is a period piece - a new edition of the book has just been published.
    • Both films are period pieces - investigations of milieus - and the journalistic detachment gives the impression that an insider made them, imbuing the films with a creepy, disturbing authority.
    • The house was bought in 1969 by an Englishman, who restored it meticulously and furnished it with appropriate period pieces.
    • Listening to the tapes, it became obvious their styles were period pieces.
    • Visitors are also treated to a two-floor museum containing original and period pieces and over 10,000 historic objects.
    • The sleeping area contains a bed and armoire inspired by period pieces from 19th-century France.
    • Mostly short, the essays range from period pieces to recent history writing, from the dry to the witty, and from overviews to precise accounts.
    • The supply is not endless, so it is a thought as to what will become the period pieces of the future.
    • This is a period piece, seeking to recreate the look and feel of those times, from the low contrast bleached out picture to the synthesizer heaven that is the soundtrack.
    • If you enjoy historical or period pieces, then this is definitely something you would enjoy.
    • My guess - and it's nothing more than that - is that he'll be seen as a period piece.
    • Employing 8,000 extras and 12,000 costumes, the period piece, not surprisingly, was the most expensive Korean production ever.
    • Although period pieces in terms of technology, many of these books contain sensible - and timeless - advice.
    • I'm not a fan of the period pieces, but I really warmed up to it and, quite frankly, I loved it.
    • Elbowing in on their act, of course, are those unique artist who dress in a period piece and then stand in one position for what seems time eternal.
    • The vast majority were period pieces, costume melodramas, comedies, and films of a nonpolitical nature.
    • By the 1980s, these texts had become period pieces of demonstrable intellectual shallowness.