Traducción de perishables en Español:


productos perecederos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛrɪʃəb(ə)lz/

sustantivo plural


  • 1

    productos perecederos masculino
    • Imagine how much easier food storage and transportation would be if perishables didn't have to be refrigerated.
    • And presumably they manage to use up most of the perishables they buy before they go off.
    • The interior was often divided into two or three compartments for different types of cones and canisters of sugar, or other expensive perishables such as coffee and tea.
    • The nuts were shipped at the higher rate for perishables.
    • In the 1800s, people turned to paperboard boxes, paper bags, and tin cans to preserve perishables.
    • The most likely option is to continue to have the perishables delivered as they currently are instead of integrating them into configured loads.
    • Today I threw out several hundred dollars worth of perishables.
    • It is expected to handle 900,000 tonnes of perishables daily.
    • All along one side of the kitchen were crates full of oranges, bread, butter, and other perishables.
    • With the focus, by and large, turning to door delivery, in the case of consumer durables as well as perishables, the location factor has been obscured.
    • While you work, pack perishables in an insulated cooler or a container lined with ice packs.
    • We have refrigerators, but we'd like to get a big plastic-wrapping machine so we could preserve the perishables longer.
    • You may want to take a cooler with ice for perishables.
    • Anyway, when I finally finished the kitchen yesterday I was left with a mountain of perishables I couldn't take with me.
    • For instance, some have taken dry goods out of their designated aisles and are merchandising them with perishables.
    • A number of residents have contacted the council about this and have been told to put extra wrapping on perishables.
    • We have perishables in our hold that are losing value every second I stand here arguing about it.
    • While dry goods can be sold for delivery virtually anywhere, perishables have to be sold close to the destination.
    • With perishables, you need to turn over your inventory faster, and you have refrigeration issues.
    • I realised that the lowly-paid young assistant would reduce the price of perishables at the same time each day.