Traducción de perk up en Español:

perk up

animarse, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (person) animarse
    (person) reanimarse
    (business) mejorar
    (business) repuntar
    she's perked up a bit today hoy está un poco más animada
    • if the weather perks up si mejora el tiempo
    • But then he perked up slightly, a sly grin coming onto his face.
    • Even the lemon wedge could not perk it up, nor could the minute bowl of rice and broiled tomato au gratin that accompanied it.
    • Just seeing Elizabeth on a wrestling show normally would perk it up just a little bit.
    • The 1st film was bad, but it had comedy moments in it to perk it up.
    • I perked up immediately and could see Don's interest gaining as well.
    • If he perks up or seems interested in talking, stay put.
    • Remove the glass from a photo frame and perk it up with phrases that complement a family snapshot.
    • Bryce perked up instantly, grabbing the chance to stall with relish.
    • Even though it's early in the morning, and breakfast hasn't yet been served, this statement perks some people up.
    • I perked up a bit when I heard I would have my horses soon.
    • I thought the lemon rind perked it up, but Lisa thought it was too lemony.
    • So the demonstration, around 10 people shouting at once, perked things up a little.
    • Three divisions of the National Guard stationed nearby perked things up a bit for most businesses.
    • The kid had perked up considerably, and he hoped it was going to last.
    • Tina perked up instantly, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed his cheek.
    • There was nothing like a little betting to perk his spirits up.
    • I could barely detect the horseradish in the creamy bed of mashed potato, a more generous grating would have perked it up.
    • It's amazing how a bit of garlic and copious olive oil can perk things up.
    • Just when things bog down, she arrives on cue to perk it up.
    • Well that's just the thing to perk my spirits up.
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  • 3EEUU

    (raise sharply)
    (ears) levantar
    (ears) parar América Latina