Traducción de permission en Español:


permiso, n.

Pronunciación /pəˈmɪʃ(ə)n//pərˈmɪʃən/


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    permiso masculino
    with/without my permission con/sin mi permiso
    • you'll need written permission necesitas un permiso escrito
    • she gave me permission me dio (su) permiso
    • you can't do it without asking (her) permission no puedes hacerlo sin pedirle permiso
    • you have my permission te doy permiso
    • permission to speak, sir? permiso para hablar, mi capitán (or mi teniente etc.)
    • do I have your permission to go ahead with the plan? ¿me da su permiso / autorización para poner en marcha el plan?
    • by permission of the author con permiso / autorización del autor
    • The full chapter is reprinted here by permission of the author.
    • Interviews were conducted by telephone, with parents' prior permission, across the country.
    • But outline permission was granted for a major housing development with only a small proportion of retail.
    • We've all heard of cases where people who should have got planning permission have been refused.
    • But outline planning permission was granted anyway in the face of opposition.
    • They are reprinted verbatim with the permission of the publisher.
    • The article is published with the permission of the publisher.
    • But, keep in mind, viewers would have to give their permission first.
    • Some local farmers, without obtaining government permission, were setting up distilleries in their small farmhouses.
    • He wants to marry her, but decides to get Dad's permission first.
    • He said that they have to get permission from the minister to allow civilians to use it.
    • Diving in the lake is strictly prohibited without special permission from the authorities.
    • Last year there was the restriction that they seek prior permission of the police before embarking on fund raising rounds.
    • The excerpts used here are reprinted by permission.
    • His father was given permission to see him only once but was not allowed to talk to his son.
    • The decision went against the advice of the board's own planning inspector who recommended that permission be refused.
    • However, the decision whether to give permission to appeal is one for the Immigration Appeal Tribunal.
    • You need special permission from the authorities to do so.
    • No adverts or signs are to be erected on the property unless prior planning permission is granted.
    • He said the council would clear the drains with the permission of the landowner.