Traducción de permissive en Español:


permisivo, adj.

Pronunciación /pərˈmɪsɪv//pəˈmɪsɪv/


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    (parent/attitude) permisivo
    (attitude/parent) indulgente
    the permissive society la sociedad permisiva
    • There's a difference between a tolerant society and a permissive society.
    • Children of permissive parents tended to be relatively immature.
    • This parent is permissive and tends to be lenient.
    • You do not have to give up your authority as a parent or be permissive to parent in a more cooperative way.
    • Parents who are overly permissive, who give in to obnoxious or demanding children, are letting them know that bullying pays off.
    • Society is fairly permissive about entertainment today.
    • We seem to be living in a much more permissive society than our parents and grandparents did.
    • Do you ever feel that society is becoming too permissive?
    • Parents can be very permissive; they probably don't want confrontation.
    • We now treat standards and law and order as a threat to our permissive society.
    • What is interesting is that you find one parent too permissive and the other too controlling.
    • We live in a society today far more permissive than the one my parents grew up in.
    • The permissive society has taught people to think in terms of the immediate gratification of desires and appetites.
    • The 1960s, beat music and the permissive society seem centuries away.
    • Two men, you might argue, played a much greater part in creating the permissive, liberal society, and neither of them were baby boomers.
    • Liberal writers from the permissive society of the 1960s are quoted and their opinions are taken to have been effective.
    • Some critics even believed that he and his staff were actively promoting a more permissive society.
    • Parents with a permissive attitude show acceptance/involvement but not control/supervision.
    • The parents were permissive with or neglectful of their children, and the adolescents had developed a certain degree of independence.
    • For students who indicated that their parents had a permissive style, an average of 4.5 relevant items were chosen.