Traducción de perpendicular en Español:


perpendicular al horizonte, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌpəːp(ə)nˈdɪkjʊlə//ˌpərpənˈdɪkjələr/


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    (surface/wall) perpendicular al horizonte
    • It now is closed off by the forestry and is about four feet from the edge of a cliff which has a perpendicular drop of 700 ft overlooking the Masshill road.
    • Without changing your elbow angle, keep your left elbow glued to your side and rotate your left shoulder, raising your forearm vertically as far as you can, aiming for a perpendicular position.
    • The elevation of the Planalto exceeds 1000 m at the eastern end close to the Atlantic coast, and the Serra Geral facing the east forms a perpendicular cliff.
    • Sloping walls may be sealed as well as vertical, perpendicular walls may be accommodated by the modified flashing.
    • Most people touring the 302-square-kilometre Lushan National Park will be unruffled when they stand in front of perpendicular cliffs and look down on deep valleys.
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    perpendicular to sth perpendicular a algo
    • Subsequently, one defines planes perpendicular to such lines, positioning them at the midpoint between the connected particles.
    • Now rotate the molecule 120° about an axis which is perpendicular to the molecular plane and which passes through the central A atom.
    • Velocity is perpendicular to the line of motion, etc.
    • In the initial state, the chains are perpendicular to the dividing surface, meaning that n coincides with N.
    • Your shoulders need to be perpendicular to your target line as the ball comes off your hand.
    • This implies that the chain was tilted with respect to the surface, while the adenine group was perpendicular to the surface.
    • Each tissue sample was completely immersed and oriented such that the tissue surface was perpendicular to the surface of the embedding medium.
    • The horizontal grid lines are perpendicular to the centerline.
    • The minor axis is perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the galaxy.
    • When the angle of vision is small every visual ray will be nearly perpendicular to the picture plane.
    • The bending plane is normally perpendicular to the axis of the central pair.
    • Before proceeding, however, you must check to be sure these two layout lines are perfectly perpendicular to each other.
    • These layer lines are perpendicular to the fiber axis in real space.
    • An anamorph image is produced when the axis of the lens or pinhole is not perpendicular to the film plane.
    • Then, since both semicircles are perpendicular to the plane ABC, so is their line of intersection QN.
    • Just like the Earth, Saturn's rotational axis is not perpendicular to the plane of its orbit.
    • The lines in the miniblotter were perpendicular to the lines of the fixed probes.
    • You created two lines that are perpendicular to each other.
    • These bundles are interspersed, and may extend in all directions though they are largely perpendicular to the outer surface.
    • It enters the room at a 30-degree angle, its steps and risers mitered to dramatic points, its uprights perpendicular not to the floor but to its own sloping rails.
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    Perpendicular (style) (inglés) gótico tardío masculino


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    perpendicular femenino
    to drop a perpendicular trazar una perpendicular
    • For insertion in the proximal tibia, the spinal needle is directed inferiorly at a 45-degree angle from the perpendicular.
    • An additional collection of perpendiculars makes the full crease pattern foldable.
    • From the vertices of ABC drop perpendiculars on the transversal.
    • We proceed by constructing the perpendiculars at A and B to the line AB and bisecting the right angles at A and B.
    • In other words, x-axis consists of the feet of the perpendiculars from the focus to the tangents to the parabola.
    • The curve value is the number of degrees formed by the angle of intersection of these perpendiculars.
    • Roughly 50-60% of the cool air coming in is diverted by the perpendiculars of the optical and/or hard drives.
    • The long axis and the perpendicular of each wheal were measured and mean wheal size calculated.