Traducción de perpetrate en Español:


perpetrar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈpəːpɪtreɪt//ˈpərpəˌtreɪt/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    • At some level, if a guy is pathologically committed to perpetrating fraud, you're not going to be able to stop him very often.
    • I will go back to the issue that I raised earlier that the people who perpetrate these acts are vicious criminals.
    • The person who perpetrates the crime is referred to as the principal.
    • Dictators still oppress many hundreds of millions of people, and are still perpetrating genocide and promoting terrorism.
    • However, the people and governments perpetrating these crimes against humanity deserve no mercy.
    • Why should anyone waste their ingenuity perpetrating such vandalism?
    • Whoever perpetrated these acts has to be prepared to pay for the lives they have so arbitrarily taken.
    • Spamming is also being used to perpetrate criminal acts.
    • This was a blatant act of vandalism perpetrated by an individual or group as a deliberate act.
    • That doesn't say it all, but it's a message worth sending to the people most directly responsible for perpetrating this despicable act of aggression.
    • I can't be certain whether these guys are perpetrating a scam of some sort.
    • Why do these criminals feel they can perpetrate such horrendous crimes and get away with it?
    • We are united in our stand to bring to justice those that perpetrated such a horrendous act of murder.
    • As long as you're not perpetrating a criminal act upon someone, you ought to be free to do whatever you like.
    • Moreover, in perpetrating these acts of murder and destruction they believe they are executing the divine will.
    • Violent suppression and opinion monopoly are used by all totalitarian political systems for the purpose of perpetrating their immoral rule.
    • There have also been cases in which people have recalled perpetrating crimes of which they were innocent.
    • It had been one thing to lay shame on those perpetrating a crime while simultaneously garnering a just verdict.
    • In many cases, they end up as child soldiers, programmed at a young age to perpetrate violence and acts of terrorism.
    • Figuring out why an adult perpetrates such acts will always remain a psychiatrist's delight.