Traducción de perpetual en Español:


eterno, adj.

Pronunciación /pəˈpɛtʃʊəl//pərˈpɛtʃ(u)əl/


  • 1

    (nuisance/problem) eterno
    (problem/nuisance) perpetuo
    she had a perpetual scowl on her face tenía el ceño fruncido permanentemente
    • perpetual student eterna estudiante
    • Neglected to an extreme, he is in an emotional state of perpetual and chronic traumatic stress - a state of alienation and self-annihilation.
    • It is not ready for the federal election and is a perpetual worry.
    • And I was appalled at the recurrent, perpetual mistakes that had been made by the international community of nations when it comes to Third World debt.
    • Many of the small and shrinking group of health researchers in Pakistan work in a state of perpetual despondency, frequently with little access to policymakers and planners.
    • There are no tests for a start and no perpetual worries over league table places.
    • What with their incessant, continual, never ending, perpetual and stop-less demands for financial assistance I see only one clear course of action.
    • What's less clear is whether that application growth is itself driven by the falling cost of bulk disk capacity and by the perpetual need to do more for less money.
    • Now he took his anger out on all three of them, including Summer, whose poor grades and frequent partying were perpetual sources of disappointment.
    • Meanwhile, there remained that perpetual money question.
    • It is the essential nature of work to be perpetual, repetitive, habitual.
    • In some cases even wards such as teachers who are supposed to look after children abuse them and many parents are now in perpetual worry over the safety of their children.
    • The seemingly compassionate phrase, ‘Don't worry,’ eases few people of their perpetual worries.