Traducción de persist en Español:


Pronunciación /pərˈsɪst//pəˈsɪst/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (continue doggedly)
    to persist in sth/-ing
    • they persisted in the belief / in believing that … persistieron en la creencia de que …
    • the reporter persisted in asking awkward questions el reportero insistió en hacer preguntas embarazosas
    • he will persist in calling me 'darling' insiste / se empeña en llamarme 'cariño'
    • We are always impressed with artists who persist in making abstract work.
    • Picture phone users will be asked to hand in their mobiles at reception, and will even be asked to leave if they persist in using the handsets.
    • I hope some people will persist in the journey to unravelling this mystery.
    • So why do people persist in making such an inaccurate comparison?
    • The European Council encouraged both countries to persist in their efforts.
    • Why do film-makers persist in raiding the unfinished work of the greats?
    • They commended him for persisting with the story whilst under pressure from numerous sources.
    • Thousands of people persist in doing food combining diets - it doesn't make it any more scientific, does it?
    • It is time we do ask - for so long as we persist in seeing the problem as theirs alone, the solution will elude us.
    • Only an ever-dwindling, anti-social minority still persist in drinking and driving.
    • He retreated to the ground and did not continue to persist in creating hostile assaults.
    • It's like a compelling bad dream whose inscrutable images persist in the traumatised moments after waking.
    • Undaunted, Channel 4 is persisting with the idea that you can conjure up magical profits from the frilly sleeves of cyberspace.
    • Why do they persist in risking their lives in cramped conditions aboard unseaworthy vessels?
    • Whether you're experienced or inexperienced at prayer, just persist in doing it.
    • Pockets of poverty and hardship persist in the town to this day.
    • The main effort should focus on finding a solution to the conflict, rather than persisting with the current situation of conflict management.
    • Should a child persist in opening the belt while the car is in motion, it is advisable to pull over and refasten the buckle.
    • But the BCC and the police are firm about persisting with the system.
    • Local authorities have the power to evict people who persist in their life of crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • 2

    (doubts/rumor/belief) persistir
    if the pain persists, see your doctor si persiste el dolor, consulte a su médico
    • if the rain persists … si continúa / sigue lloviendo …
    • If symptoms persist seek your independent record store for advice.
    • However, I would not have expected the symptoms to persist for over 12 months.
    • It says on the packet to consult your doctor if symptoms persist for more than seven days.
    • Washing with soap and water is not recommended unless symptoms persist.
    • Avoiding the food is the only way to avoid symptoms while the sensitivity persists.
    • If the symptoms persist, the child may become increasingly tired because of the breathing difficulties.
    • If symptoms persist you might consider surgery to remove the scar tissue.
    • After the operation his symptoms persisted and got worse, leaving him in such pain that he had to be prescribed morphine.
    • If drought persists some limited irrigation may be permitted.
    • If the depressive illness had been present, symptoms would have persisted when the applicant was not drinking heavily.
    • His symptoms persisted during this time despite a course of outpatient antibiotics.
    • All patients were told to see their general practitioner for further treatment if their symptoms persisted.
    • O'Connor said the symptoms usually persist for a few days and then ease up.
    • But the bottom line is that as long as questions persist, she will remain caught between two stools.
    • But distinctly national policies persist and policy coherence remains elusive.
    • These symptoms can persist for up to an hour after each event.
    • Then bothersome menopause symptoms may persist, despite a variety of attempted therapies.
    • The duration of symptoms is typically seven to 14 days, with symptoms occasionally persisting for months to years.
    • Once established, the symptoms of narcolepsy generally persist for life.
    • However, it may be appropriate to talk to a medical practitioner if symptoms persist.