Traducción de person en Español:


persona, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpərs(ə)n//ˈpəːs(ə)n/

nombrePlural people

  • 1

    persona femenino
    he's/she's a charming person es una persona encantadora
    • she's a mean person es una tacaña
    • Sue's the person to ask a quien hay que preguntarle es a Sue
    • who is this Davies person? ¿quién es el tal Davies?
    • per person por persona
    • help arrived in the person of his father su padre llegó en el momento más oportuno
  • 2plural persons

    • 2.1formal (individual)

      persona femenino
      person or persons unknown persona o personas no identificadas
      • juristic / artificial person persona jurídica
      • the three persons of the Holy Trinity las tres personas de la Santísima Trinidad
      • He didn't have one on his person, the obstacle equipment were stored in one of the containers near the centre of the plateau.
      • He is a quiet and private person, but he has a presence that the players and now the press obviously respect.
      • The missing money was soon also found on his person and, the thief aside, everyone returned home happy.
      • The only thing that might have made her distinguishable in a crowd was the amount of jewellery she wore about her person.
      • The answer is to keep the phone on your person at all times, or securely attached to your handbag.
      • He was short, and reeked of cigars even though there were none in the house or on his person.
      • Have a pen available on your person, and if paper is not available, write it on your hand.
      • Many thought he might be the right high profile person to take over this new department.
      • I once got a very clear demonstration of just what a kind and sweet person Annie is.
      • You're a warm and caring person, and you've made such a difference in my life.
      • No papers were found on his person, even though the law required everyone to carry an official identity card at all times.
      • He would've made a good king, if it wasn't for the fact that he was an extremely evil looking person.
      • Rumor also had it that he always carried a knife concealed somewhere on his person and was not above using it in a pinch either.
      • We just want to get to the bottom of this, for the sake of other people as well as ourselves.
      • Some things may have got out of hand but it was a time when people became more liberated.
      • She is the ultimate professional as well as the most kind and loving person.
      • And I think that for that to be the case, I'd need to be a much less complex person.
      • Putting on a show of two people at once is a complex business on all sorts of levels.
      • It all went swimmingly until last week, when a nurse spotted Noelle with drugs about her person.
      • Some of the people who have been here talked about how he helped them through so much.
      • I'm usually a very calm person, but rage tends to build up and build up, and when it blows… hoo boy.
      • My heart goes out to this lady and I would apologise to her for this attack on her person.
      • He wasn't from the city of course, so perhaps he had just popped out without the A to Z street map about his person.
      • I keep this throughout my holiday in a safe place, somewhere about my person.
      • For many societies, the human being is the person who has learned and obeys the community's rules.
      • As with most bar staff in LA, I have a script on my person to show to producers and directors.
      • I was at the Finish Line tent when this happened, and I was the most senior staff person present.
      • Ian can eat enough food for four of five people, but he uses all that energy up on stage.
      • They were innovative at the time and a lot of people warned me that the idea would not work.
      • They asked me if I could account for the explosives residue that had been found on my person.
      • He does not want to publicise the fact that he carries large quantities of cash on his person in case he becomes a target for thieves.
      • For occasions where you want to carry stuff on your person more unobtrusively, go for the sewn up pocket option.
      • He was rumbled for the nefarious practice of producing cards from a pack concealed on his person.
      • It is trying to be all things to all sorts of rich people but is this a recipe for confusion?
      • Within a day or so you forget that you ever had anything so horrific occurring on your person.
      • Her comments are not appreciated at all by the people who used to see her as a key figure.
      • You begin to get paranoid when they start asking you about any metal you might have on your person.
      • As such they are often seen as soft targets for attacks on their person and their vehicle.
      • There are many more people to meet in London and many more places in which to meet them.
      • Does that mean that inside each evil person there remains some good?

    • 2.2(body)

      persona femenino
      to have a weapon on / about one's person ser portador de arma
      • offenses against the person delitos contra la persona

  • 3plural persons

    persona femenino
    second person plural segunda persona del plural
    • in the first person en primera persona
    • Many are self-referential, often addressing the reader in the second person.
    • For a start there was a large number of interjections in the second person, which I presume related to me.
    • When civilians addressed a soldier, they did so in the second person singular, as to a child or pet.
    • This narrative is told in the second person in the form of a memoir the writer addresses to herself.
    • There were some interjections in the second person that were not very savoury.