Traducción de persona en Español:


imagen, n.

Pronunciación /ˌpərˈsoʊnə//pəːˈsəʊnə//pəˈsəʊnə/

nombrePlural personas

  • 1

    imagen femenino
    • The play looks at the star whose private life was a complete contrast to his public persona.
    • The line between ‘us’ and ‘them’ became the line between an individual's public and private personas.
    • The public personas of Shawn and Cole differed markedly, however.
    • Supposedly, the point is that the public can see the people behind the public persona.
    • However, remember the public persona and the private person are two very different people.
    • On the contrary, the Kaiser's perceived public and private persona was one of these problems.
    • The tendency is to build acceptable traits into the persona and to keep unacceptable traits hidden or repressed.
    • Now that the two have exposed their repressed animosity toward each other, there's an added layer of drama and intrigue to their public personas.
    • In a culture that places a premium on media exposure, it is no surprise that men and women who are seen by millions daily have a public persona.
    • Many people have stated how the persona they present on their blog, while being largely true, is only part of their real selves.
    • The public personae of Lincoln and Grant have undergone similar fates.
    • When a famous person promotes a foodstuff, their public persona acquires a nurturing, human edge.
    • One thing it's important to remember with all of these people - their public personas, their public writings, are to a great degree a pose.
    • Here is a performer whose personal tragedies have always informed her public persona.
    • Some say Luke's present and past personas are inconsistent; I say they are perfectly consistent.
    • This persona I present to you all on here, while in many ways that of my own, is also of that someone else I'd like to be.
    • His public persona has been moulded and redefined so as to render him acceptable to all.
    • It was only after several years of painting celebs that I thought I could paint regular people whose personas weren't public and well-known.
    • The public personas of some writers cut a wide swath through the publishing world.
    • Some commenters find this problematic, pointing out that people present different personas to different people, depending on the situation.
  • 2plural personae /-niː/

    personaje masculino
    • As a writer drawing on this experience, I seem able to take different perspectives on board and I am comfortable adopting a range of personae.
    • Take every opportunity you can to perform in front of others and develop your stage persona.
    • It becomes hectic with the same actors changing persona within seconds.
    • The narrating persona admits that he cannot understand the unformed mind of the younger man he is describing.
    • First is their ability to adopt different personas.
    • When credit and responsibility are at issue, gatekeepers try and fall back upon supposedly stable older personas of the ‘author’ to restore some decorum.
    • Just as he acquired more than one name, so he had different roles and personae.
    • For years he's adopted personae to tell stories in songs.
    • Stand-up is less about the material and more about confidence, authority and having a consistent persona.
    • Since then she's taken on many personas in various stories and role plays.
    • In all six films he adopts six different personas, which is something he enjoys about the character.
    • There's nothing there where the characters should be, not even the actor's star personas.
    • Their roles and personas can differ with the production, combination and utilisation of selected characterisations: in other words, creators are created.
    • There's nothing worse than a musician or an actor who will only do interviews as their stage persona.
    • I thought I'd make the most of it and adopt a more sinister persona for three or four performances.
    • There is no doubt that each actor carefully projects their characters' personas with deliberate intent.
    • The writing is crisp, making the characters realistic personas despite their larger-than-life roles.