Traducción de personal ad en Español:

personal ad

anuncio personal, n.



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    anuncio personal masculino
    aviso personal masculino América Latina
    • You can also respond to a personal ad in a newspaper, magazine or on the Internet.
    • They said something about whomever had done it probably being involved in personal ads from newspapers.
    • Have you ever considered placing a personal ad in a newspaper or online?
    • Based on newspaper personal ads, the show looks at the lives and loves of New Yorkers.
    • He found a desperate single mother, with a disabled daughter, through a newspaper personal ad.
    • There were already personal ads in newspapers at the beginning of 19th century.
    • ‘Well, I was reading the newspaper and I answered a personal ad that was placed in it,’ Lucy confessed.
    • So sometimes I cruise though the online personal ads and play ‘If I was looking, who would I write to?’
    • Publications all over the world carry personal ads looking for mates and partners in various activities.
    • This is why free papers apparently make the vast majority of their revenue on personal ads and rooms for rent.
    • Are you tired of answering personal ads in the newspaper, fearing that the person you meet may really be a crazed stalker or worse?
    • Bowling is noisy, hiking hurts and personal ads are full of liars.
    • I ran a series of personal ads last year, which attracted the likes of which I never expected!
    • And I end up answering personal ads just to get dates.
    • I sought an answer in the human marketplace of newspaper personal ads.
    • In addition to the personal ads, there are also message boards grouped by interest.
    • ‘Birds and people are not all that different,’ he concludes after reading 2,300 personal ads in 61 newspapers from 23 cities.
    • The union was subjected to charges more dubious than some of the claims made in our personal ads.
    • As I was telling a friend yesterday, I've reached a point with the personal ads where I'm about to do something stupid.
    • Yes, my wife and I would just laugh and laugh if we found out the other one was taking out personal ads to meet someone else.