Traducción de perspicacious en Español:


perspicaz, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌpərspəˈkeɪʃəs//ˌpəːspɪˈkeɪʃəs/



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    • I believe that, being quite perspicacious and witnessing his friends and coworkers being arrested, he understood clearly that he would not be spared for long.
    • He has written the most complete, perspicacious, and moving book that has been published to date on the Francoist repression.
    • The point is elaborated by the perspicacious professor a little later.
    • I was just wondering if maybe my perspicacious words had finally ruffled the princess's feathers.
    • In a quieter way, it shows how a man perspicacious enough to see these faults in his former comrades can fail to see them still lurking within himself.
    • Would the webmaster like to comment on why my posting in this thread, which I considered to be insightful and perspicacious, was deleted?
    • If only our parents could have been perspicacious enough to see our talent and force us into showbiz.
    • Granted, she did the same, but in a more perspicacious, subtle way, one that didn't scream ‘Look at me, I did a good job!’
    • Even more likely, it could be deliberate misdirection, a Nabokovian wink the author shares with the reader perspicacious enough to call his bluff.
    • This former town librarian was perspicacious in acquiring paintings by Jack B. Yeats and his circle.
    • The fears expressed by this perspicacious mouthpiece of the French ruling class are far from exaggerated.
    • His book is an engaging and perspicacious exploration of the many facets, in Britain and abroad, of the old amateur game.
    • Physically small, these works are less about bold noise than intimate nuance, which demands a perspicacious eye.
    • Second, I regularly have lunch with a few perspicacious psychologists and faculty members in other disciplines.
    • If only the writer had stepped out of his own sport and background and viewed it more impersonally, then he could have written something a little more engaging and perspicacious.
    • I am perspicacious enough to reconcile the fact that not all of you fine people share my perspective.
    • The author of the newsletter was a perspicacious young lass.
    • But you're not going to be reading this book for any perspicacious insight into the human condition.
    • The feline anecdote was just one of a number of insights so perspicacious they subsequently acted as threads throughout the rest of the conference.
    • She could tell, perspicacious as she was, that Harriet was dying to tell her something but needed the information to be directly elicited.