Traducción de perspire en Español:


transpirar, v.

Pronunciación /pərˈspaɪ(ə)r//pəˈspʌɪə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • His brow was sweaty and he was perspiring heavily.
    • He first started feeling unwell about 10 minutes into the broadcast and began to perspire very heavily.
    • Sunscreen gels are best for work or physical activities where you will be perspiring.
    • What else can you suggest for a female in her 20's who perspires heavily?
    • She was so pale and perspired as though she had a fever.
    • The air was burning and they all were perspiring heavily.
    • At this point I noticed he was perspiring heavily and sweat was dripping from his bushy grey eyebrows onto the keyboard.
    • The young judge who presided over the proceedings had difficulty controlling the subject of his attention, and spent most of the time perspiring.
    • For years I have perspired heavily in my armpits.
    • Nearby spectators perspire profusely because of the intensity of the radiated heat.
    • I flushed and shook her hand gingerly, hoping I wasn't perspiring too heavily.
    • When a beam of sunlight broke through the thick canopy of trees, it was clear that the stranger was perspiring heavily.
    • At the moment, however, the mayor is perspiring.
    • You become awkward, you start perspiring, you start trembling, you forget everything.
    • He was perspiring from the heat generated in the room.
    • Greater surface area provides more exposed skin to perspire and cool the body through evaporation, he says.
    • He was perspiring heavily from the effort, as I was.
    • I was perspiring so much my family called an ambulance and they told me I was having a heart attack.
    • A wave of heat rushed over Jonas and he began to perspire.
    • It is of no great significance whether he sweats or perspires.