Traducción de perturb en Español:


perturbar, v.

Pronunciación /pəˈtəːb//pərˈtərb/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • Much of the audience is perturbed by the portrayal here, but the setting quickly changes to the next day at school.
    • I was particularly perturbed because, in the accompanying brochure, the drink was bright blue.
    • However, neither Clive or Christine were perturbed by this.
    • We are perturbed by the deteriorating condition on the health front.
    • But there was something about the film that perturbed me from the offset, and fairly swiftly I realised what it was.
    • I think it's her sleeve that perturbs me most, aside from the fact that the entire dress bores me fiercely.
    • He's also perturbed by the way his daughters' peers dress.
    • Fifteen years later when I revisited the issue, I was still perturbed.
    • She was perturbed by my independent streak, my take it or leave it attitude and my utter inability to find suitable companionship.
    • He was understandably perturbed, and scratched the gold surface off with a knife to show me how easy it was to tell it was fake.
    • How many of you are perturbed if no-one posts anything in your comments box against a post you'd have liked some feedback on?
    • Some conservative voters are perturbed that the couple, married in 1998, appear to lead separate lives.
    • He is also perturbed by the fact that no meaningful debate is being made on this illogical act of film censorship.
    • She was not perturbed by the low attendance, insisting that most people on the street supported her position.
    • What perturbs me though is the complete lack of value I have received from my taxes, that I have faithfully paid towards public health over the years.
    • He said local residents were perturbed by this and felt there was the potential for the emergency services to get confused.
    • What perturbs me is how we have come to accept all this.
    • She was not perturbed because she knew the warden called in every day.
    • We are perturbed by the current strike by council workers and feel the best way out of the problem would be to return to work.
    • There are, probably, two principal concerns that will be perturbing the potential visitor.