Traducción de pervade en Español:


dominar, v.

Pronunciación /pərˈveɪd//pəˈveɪd/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (mood/idea) dominar
    (smell) llenar
    (smell) haber invadido
    images of death pervade his writing las imágenes de la muerte son una constante en su obra
    • her presence pervaded his thoughts su presencia dominaba sus pensamientos
    • the scent of the flowers pervaded the room el aroma de las flores había invadido la habitación
    • I think that managers have got to have a better understanding of the discrimination issues that pervade throughout the service at the present time.
    • They are derivative works, and this weakness just pervades them throughout.
    • Tension pervades the air, though the prevailing climate has more to do with Melbourne next March than Ayrshire in high summer.
    • If they open their windows, the smell pervades their homes and lingers there for a long time.
    • A sense of fear pervades the entire state, with people afraid to speak out against the atrocities of Pakistani terrorists.
    • Yet the atmosphere pervading their writings and the very style of the fine arts and music in that period speak to the contrary.
    • Naturally, by the end of such a traumatic, sustained attack, a sense of loss pervades the opposition and the arena.
    • The primacy of vision has so pervaded the idea of political representation that the rhetoric of good and evil seems naturally translated to the ability to emit light, or to bring to light.
    • A sense of crisis pervades her account of life in the low-wage workforce.
    • His mind was ripped out of his personal bliss when the smell of cigarette smoke pervaded the air and a rough hand wrapped around his mouth.
    • A faint smell of gasoline pervaded his nostrils.
    • This metaphor, one of the most powerful of the Enlightenment, in some sense pervaded the popular culture of that time.
    • An awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere pervades the tense setting.
    • From off to the right came the sound of clashing steel and the smell of bacon pervaded the area.
    • A sense of destiny pervades your every waking moment, and you prepare with great detail for destiny fulfilled.
    • Glass and boards covered the yard and a stench pervaded the air.
    • People walked around with masks, to protect themselves from the intense, acrid smell of burning that pervaded the entire island of Manhattan.
    • Instead, all they have to do is follow their nose - the sweet, strong smell pervades the entire gallery.
    • Ravenna hurried to the cupboard and got in, wrinkling her nose at the musty smell of old, dry paper that was pervading the cupboard.
    • No doubt, such favourable visions of globalization pervade public opinion and political choices.
    • Carol claims the smell this generates is sickening and pervades her entire house.
    • The air was misty and a strong smell of fish stew from a kettle on the table pervaded the room.
    • His kindly humour, his great generosity, his reticence about his own achievements, and his sense of fairness pervaded his whole life.
    • A rainbow formed an arch above the square, adding a splash of color to the gloomy atmosphere pervading the West Bank town.
    • It didn't take long for Sam to slip off into sleep, barely registering the faintly feminine smell that pervaded his senses as he did.
    • What saves them is the same sinister atmosphere that pervades the larger works.
    • Anyway, when I started to walk, there was a foul odour pervading the air.
    • A sense of hope pervaded all 17 narratives, and for some this was closely linked to fear.
    • The air was pervaded by a sickening sweet smell of burnt meat and charred wood.
    • A strong sense of clanship pervaded these villages, making men from other clans feel like interlopers.
    • Tall chimneys spew out long fingers of white smoke, the smell of dinner pervading the night air.
    • The smell of death that pervaded the school was most potent here.
    • As Jan, Kerry and I walked in the Dublin mountains, Kerry saw his first heather, his first live waterfall as he inhaled the scents pervading the mountain air.
    • Women stressed the dangers of the heat and many suggested that the horrible rotten-egg gas smell that pervaded the place would not be missed at all.
    • A somewhat desolate but lyrical sense of place pervades the work.
    • An atmosphere of camaraderie pervades the Academy.
    • Disbelief, anger, worry and fear now pervade rural communities throughout the country.
    • Soon, the sweet scent of the rice pervades the air and the wine makers use a fan to lower the temperature of the rice.
    • The houses of each household were so near that if the neighbours were cooking meat with an occasional onion, the sweet aroma from the boiling pot would pervade the air.
    • Walk into a cafe, walk into the foyer of a theatre, walk into a hotel lobby, the most pervading smell is that of tobacco.