Traducción de pester en Español:


molestar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛstə//ˈpɛstər/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    stop pestering me! ¡no me molestes más!
    • is this man pestering you? ¿la está molestando este señor?
    • he pesters me with questions me acosa con preguntas
    • to pester sb for sth/to + inf
    • he keeps pestering me for an ice-cream no hace más que darme la lata para que le compre un helado
    • I hate having to pester you to do it no me gusta nada tener que estarte encima para que lo hagas
    • The idea of running around pestering my friends for votes is quite distasteful.
    • While on the hunt for a new job, she becomes fascinated with the middle-aged manager of a middle-aged clothing store and pesters him into hiring her.
    • Hayley apologises to Lisa for sticking her nose in the other day and pestering her about her husband, Alan.
    • Poor Sarah Jane must have been wearing something that they liked as she was pestered from the moment we arrived.
    • My wife had been pestering me to take her shopping for the boys' presents, and I had been putting her off.
    • He later bombarded the 43-year-old woman with calls on her mobile phone, pestering her for a date.
    • The more she pesters him with emotional calls, the more irritated he becomes.
    • Most of the popular girls from my school constantly pestered me for a picture of him, but I never gave them anything.
    • Hundreds of youngsters got their first taste of a day at the races in the Rails Enclosure, with many pestering their parents to place bets for them.
    • In 1975 she pestered her parents to go to see The Osmonds perform live at Earls Court in London.
    • No waiters pestered us to buy more drinks or ask us to vacate the table, even though there were probably hungry diners waiting upstairs.
    • Emily split up from Rushton but he pestered her with constant text messages and phone calls.
    • If your children are pestering you for super-trendy labelled gear, this is the place to visit.
    • Unscrupulous companies will instead pester you with annoying phone calls or unannounced visits.
    • She might never have left home had her husband-to-be Patrick not pestered her with repeated proposals.
    • She pestered her parents for years to let her go to Germany, with which she had developed a fascination.
    • He pestered his mother for a piano, and soon was trying to replicate the sound on a tiny Casio keyboard.
    • I don't want a situation that we had in the past where people were pestering players for tickets ahead of big games.
    • He irritates me because each time I pass, he blocks my way and pesters me to give money, and wastes my time.
    • If he keeps pestering you, talk to a school guidance counselor or other adult you trust to intervene.