Traducción de pesticide en Español:


pesticida, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛstəˌsaɪd//ˈpɛstɪsʌɪd/


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    pesticida masculino
    • He said the pesticide used on GM crops did not affect soil or water and was extremely safe.
    • Today billions of dollars are spent in pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
    • Do not pour pesticides or herbicides down sinks, drains or toilets.
    • High prices are charged for manure, pesticides and other items needed by farmers.
    • Occupational exposures to pesticides and organic solvents are suspected risk factors.
    • Organic contaminants include residues of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.
    • And he said that crop spraying and pesticides were also posing a serious threat.
    • In recent years, the use of pesticides in agriculture has been increasing steadily.
    • While raising the plants and shrubs sparingly use pesticides, as they may harm or even kill the birds.
    • The cost of pesticides and other damage-control methods have landed farmers in deep debt.
    • The pesticides being produced were organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids.
    • It is the rat breeding season when many people use pesticides and poisons to kill off the rodents.
    • At present pesticides are currently tested on animals and released for sale at a tenth of the harmful strength.
    • The synthetic pyrethroids are more stable than the pyrethrins, and are equally or more potent pesticides.
    • Diazanon is a pesticide used again in agriculture, but also used around the home.
    • There have now been calls for all organophosphate pesticides to be banned.
    • The ECPA also said that cutting back on pesticides could hit farmers' incomes.
    • The pesticides used in conventional farming lead to many diseases, including cancer.
    • Once volatilized, a pesticide can move in air currents away from the treated surface.
    • Farmworkers who come into contact with insecticides and pesticides are prone to chronic illnesses.