Traducción de petits pois en Español:

petits pois

petits pois, n.

Pronunciación /ˌpətɪ ˈpwɑː//ˌpɛdi ˈpwɑ/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    petits pois masculino
    guisantes finos masculino España
    chícharos (pequeños) masculino México
    arvejitas femenino América del Sur
    • The protein-packed power breakfast menu one morning included juicy fried chicken spiked with loads of black pepper and garlic, served with salad and a hefty dollop of mayonnaise, and sautéed kidneys and onions with petits pois.
    • The second course followed, starring fresh green peas, two ways: Petits pois en brandade, velouté de petits pois, et pain grillé.
    • Some of this glamour still attaches to the French petits pois, which are not a separate variety but ordinary peas harvested very young.
    • We use fresh pea pods in the restaurant, but if you haven't got time to stand around shelling them or have trouble tracking them down, good-quality, frozen petits pois work well.
    • After a moment's pause, during which I decided that the peas on my plate were more fascinating than les petits pois are generally thought to be, I looked up.