Traducción de petrol station en Español:

petrol station

estación de servicio, n.


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    estación de servicio femenino
    gasolinera femenino
    bomba femenino Andes Venezuela
    estación de nafta femenino Río de la Plata
    bencinera femenino Andes
    grifo masculino Perú
    • After this I washed the car manually using the jet wash thing in the petrol station near Mcdonalds.
    • There was actually traffic at the main junction, and I had to queue for service at the petrol station.
    • They had helped push it to a petrol station to get some fuel before he drove off without paying.
    • We stop at the last petrol station before France to fill up on diesel and there is an argument in progress at the till.
    • The store applied for an alcohol licence to cover not only the supermarket shelves, but also the shop at the petrol station.