Traducción de phantom en Español:


fantasma, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfæn(t)əm//ˈfantəm/



  • 1

    fantasma masculino
    • The Han Wei became a phantom ship after pirates seized it on March 15 on a voyage from Singapore to Rangoon.
    • Loosely based on an old Montreal myth about a phantom ship and a shadowy captain (according to the poorly translated English press release), the maze is made up of five connected game zones.
    • She was haunting him, like a phantom in the night.
    • This time out, the author collects some chilling accounts of coal mine ghosts, phantoms.
    • Cigarette smoked choked the fresh, crisp night air like a phantom descending upon its haunt.
    • But the phantoms of the evil ones haunted this particular hallway on Floor 13, making it an abandoned site.
    • The State Tourist Department can arrange for a sightseeing trip for the female ghost of the old city and phantoms in Banjara Hills.
    • Strange phantoms haunt this room day and night.
    • The young man in question slowly emerged form the pitch-black shadows of the closet as eerily as a phantom.
    • He was crying out to ghost pedestrians, phantoms incapable of reacting in any other way but unbridled fear.
    • His face is distorted, making him look like a phantom haunting a ruin.
    • Lanser Hall was one of the oldest dorms and laboratories on campus and hadn't been used due to the rumor of a phantom that haunted them.
    • A few years later, two more British sailors saw the phantom ship as they sailed around the cape.
    • Science is first and foremost a recognition that the objective world of nature is comprehensible on its own terms, without recourse to phantoms, spirits or inexplicable forces.
    • Four fearless women are preparing to spend the night in the company of ghosts, ghouls and phantoms to raise money for the Abbeyfield care home where they work.
    • Then, in a room filled with Halloween images of ghosts and phantoms, Duncan Smith got his chance to show his hidden talents - at the pool table.
    • The experienced earth lends something of its atmosphere to every world that we can conceive, and hence haunts these other worlds like a phantom.
    • It is like a medieval, deserted castle that is full of phantoms and ghosts, and this makes you feel sick - you just want to run away, far from these cold, scary walls.
    • Creoles speak of a phantom pirate ship seen at night, lit by flickering lanterns.
    • Gerry and Cynthia Bridgwood are being spooked by a phantom benefactor - who spirits gifts of bric-a-brac into their Cheshire country pub.
  • 2

    (unreal thing)
    a phantom of the mind una fantasía


  • 1literario

    (shape) fantasmal
    (horseman) (invariable adjective) fantasma
  • 2

    phantom (limb) pain dolor fantasma masculino