Traducción de pharma en Español:


industria farmacéutica, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɑrmə//ˈfɑːmə/



  • 1

    industria farmacéutica femenino
    big pharma la gran industria farmacéutica
    • The effective cure of the biggest killer in the Western world would have been a triumph for mankind, medicine, and big pharma.
    • Academia does more basic research than pharma; pharma does more clinical work than academia.
    • In sickness and in wealth, big pharma remains the most profitable industry in America.
    • Among the many wiles exposed are big pharma's use of contract research organisations to exert undue influence over clinical research and its insidious seduction of doctors.
    • Social psychological research has repeatedly shown that doctors misjudge the influence exerted on them by big pharma's gifts and representatives.
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    compañía farmacéutica femenino
    • Weighing up the risks, Pfizer faces the normal development delays and setbacks which pharmas encounter with regard to the timing, efficacy and market potential of new products.
    • It already has two drugs on the market and has numerous alliances with larger pharmas.
    • ‘Most pharmas sell chemically produced products,’ he said.
    • The pharmas have been very averse to lowering those prices in the developing world for fear that it will set a precedent.
    • The big pharmas are always whining that their drugs have to cost so much because their R & D costs are so high.