Traducción de pharmacy en Español:


química farmacéutica, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɑːməsi//ˈfɑrməsi/

nombrePlural pharmacies

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    química farmacéutica femenino
    farmacia femenino
    • Ever mindful of his training in pharmacy he did not fail to criticise what he saw as defects in The London Pharmacopoeia.
    • As Langenheim demonstrates, the list of uses of resins in folk medicine and pharmacy alone is huge.
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    farmacia femenino
    • Folic acid tablets can be obtained from pharmacies, large supermarkets, health food stores and by prescription.
    • Hyoscine is available as tablets that can be bought without a prescription from pharmacies.
    • Young women aged 16 and over can obtain emergency contraception over the counter at pharmacies.
    • What we are doing is offering an extension of the family planning service within the pharmacies.
    • A range of shampoos, emollient products and some topical steroid preparations can be bought from pharmacies.
    • You can buy the pills at some private clinics and from most pharmacies.
    • You can buy a range of essential oils over the counter in pharmacies, health food shops and even supermarkets.
    • Dutch pharmacies are allowed to prepare their own formulations and to modify commercial preparations.
    • Herbal cigarettes, sold in pharmacies and health stores, have a very limited market.
    • At the doses recommended on products available in pharmacies and health food shops, the ingredients appear to be safe.
    • A variety of creams, gels, paints and medicated plasters are available from pharmacies.
    • Individual tablets are being sold in pharmacies without appropriate diagnosis or supervision.
    • It should not be sold over the counter at pharmacies without a prescription though.
    • Currently, the licensing of pharmacies is regulated by the local health authority, or primary care trust as it is at the moment.
    • They can be bought over-the-counter at pharmacies and health food shops.
    • Green and herbal tea can be found in pharmacies and other types are prevalent at the local supermarket.
    • St. John's Wort is a popular complementary medicine, available in health food stores and pharmacies.
    • Organ Donor Cards and Factfiles are available at all pharmacies and doctors' surgeries.
    • First aid kits are readily available from Boots and other pharmacies in a range of sizes.
    • Remedies specifically for teething are available from pharmacies, supermarkets and health food stores.