Traducción de phenol en Español:


fenol, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfiˌnɔl//ˈfiːnɒl/


  • 1

    fenol masculino
    • Industrially, benzene is used in the manufacture of nylon, phenol, styrene (and by polymerization polystyrene), and cyclohexane.
    • Believing that not all samples of aniline oil worked consistently, Ziehl substituted phenol (carbolic acid) in its place.
    • He cited examples of two key raw materials namely phenol and aniline, which are required to manufacture leather chemicals, pigments, dyestuff and rubber chemicals.
    • Alternatively, low percentages of chemicals such as phenol, menthol, and camphor can be added to moisturizing lotions for added anti-itch benefit.
    • But the fungicide, voronate, phenol and possibly ethyl acetate were among the chemicals of greatest concern to the marine environment.