Traducción de pheromone en Español:


feromona, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɛrəˌmoʊn//ˈfɛrəməʊn/


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    feromona femenino
    • Bluntnose minnows probably release chemicals called pheromones when they are alarmed.
    • The cloacal and genial glands were chosen because they release pheromones used in mate attraction or courtship.
    • Pigs and many other animals rely on pheromones secreted in their saliva to woo their mates.
    • Once an enterprising hornet scouts out a bee colony, it marks the nest with a type of bodily chemical substance called a pheromone.
    • In most species, the pheromones act as attractants and sexual stimulants.