Traducción de phone en Español:


teléfono, n.

Pronunciación /fəʊn//foʊn/


  • 1

    teléfono masculino
    (message) (before noun) telefónico
    would you answer / get the phone, please? por favor coge el teléfono España coloquial
    • the phone hasn't stopped ringing el teléfono no ha dejado de sonar ni un momento / ha estado sonando sin parar
    • we arranged it by phone/ over the phone lo arreglamos por teléfono
    • I don't want to discuss it over the phone no quiero hablarlo por teléfono
    • to be on the phone (subscribe) tener teléfono
    • she's on the phone at the moment está hablando por teléfono
    • you're wanted on the phone te llaman por teléfono
    • I'll get on the phone to her right away ahora mismo la llamo (por teléfono)
    • The work he had to do at home was done in ten seconds flat after hanging up the phone.
    • He jokes with him on the phone, finishes the call and continues at the point that he left off.
    • I chat to one guy on the phone whose voice is so husky and his chest sounds wheezy if he talks for long.
    • The bandits also stole three cellular phones and two cordless phones, before escaping in a waiting vehicle.
    • MobiTV ads also would be able to leverage the interactive nature of wireless phones.
    • A telling example: there are more cell phones than land-line phones in Mumbai today.
    • Mr Lambert was sitting on the step outside and she gave him the phone to continue with the call.
    • When people bought their second and third phones, they'd worry more about price.
    • Radio and satellite phones allow easy communication with the outside world.
    • She hung up and I stared at my phone blankly for a second before dropping it on my bed.
    • It took a century to transform from Alexander Bell's basic invention to wireless phones.
    • Within seconds, the various camps hit the phones to decide on tactics.
    • He held the phone to his ear for a few seconds after she hung up, in a sudden shock.
    • Most of the time I just answer the phones and file papers and run small errands.
    • Do mobile phones use the same frequency and radiation as cordless phones?
    • Meanwhile, officers at some stations found they could not get an outside line from landline phones.
    • The ring-tones of European phones don't sound the same as American ones.
    • After only a few seconds she put the phone down and looked back up at the two teens.
    • It turns out that people who don't have mobiles or fixed landline phones use payphones more than any other group.
    • The offices and users may have moved, but the phones were left in place and the rent continued to be paid out on them.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (person) llamar (por teléfono)
    (person) telefonear
    (person) hablarle a México
    (place/number) llamar (por teléfono) a
    can I phone you back later? ¿te puedo llamar más tarde?
    • he phoned me back at four me llamó / me devolvió la llamada a las cuatro
  • 2

    she phoned the results to us telefoneó para darnos los resultados
    • I'll phone you the information as soon as I get it te llamaré con la información en cuanto la tenga
    • I phoned my story through to the office llamé a la oficina y les dicté el artículo por teléfono

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    llamar (por teléfono)
    have you phoned for a taxi? ¿has llamado para pedir un taxi?
    • he asked me to phone back later me pidió que llamara / telefoneara más tarde
    • I phoned through to head office llamé directamente a la casa central