Traducción de phone sex en Español:

phone sex

sexo telefónico, n.


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    sexo telefónico masculino
    teléfono erótico masculino
    • I learnt last week from a conversation with her that she once had a job in phone sex.
    • His listening is frequently interrupted by strange telephone calls - mysterious women offering phone sex; gangsters making quiet threats.
    • As with phone sex, it permits people to express themselves in ways that they otherwise could not in a sexually safe environment.
    • Throughout the film, we see Barry experiment with phone sex, deal with his nosy and controlling sisters, and display what seems to be an uncharacteristic new propensity to dress up.
    • We have also engaged in phone sex with each other.
    • The term phone sex generally refers to an interaction, paid for by the caller, between the caller and a person whose job it is to talk sexually with them.
    • Why did phone sex never take off, whereas the internet has been a huge success?
    • Phone sex is routed to Third World countries like Guyana, which gets as much as 40% of its gross domestic product from phone sex.
    • In 1999 over $4 billion was spent on phone sex, but more than 50 percent of callers didn't pay their 900 number bill.
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    servicio de sexo telefónico masculino
    servicio de teléfono erótico masculino