Traducción de phosgene en Español:


fosgeno, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɑsdʒin//ˈfɒzdʒiːn/


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    fosgeno masculino
    • The primary gaseous agents used were chlorine, phosgene, a combination of the two, and mustard gas.
    • Now obviously all of that wasn't mustard, a lot of the deaths were actually due to phosgene and chlorine.
    • However, its immediate precursor compound, thiodiglycol, is used industrially, although in quantities that don't come anywhere near chlorine or phosgene.
    • New agents, notably phosgene (an asphyxiating agent) and mustard (a blister agent called a vesicant), had been developed and used.
    • Greenpeace found that perc breaks down into the toxic byproducts phosgene, vinyl chloride, carbon tetrachloride and trichloroacetic acid.