Traducción de phosphoresce en Español:


fosforecer, v.

Pronunciación /ˌfɑsfəˈrɛs//ˌfɒsfəˈrɛs/

verbo intransitivo

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    • Not only that, but the fracture zones were partially coated with a carbonate mineral that fluoresced a pastel bluish-white and phosphoresced a pale greenish-white.
    • Moreover, CQ possesses the rare property of phosphorescing in deaerated solutions at room temperature.
    • Some fluorescent materials, under the appropriate conditions, will also phosphoresce.
    • Under the glare, the water around the boat seemed to phosphoresce in trails and puffs of liquid blue.
    • The crystals fluoresce and phosphoresce a weak pale yellowish-green in ultraviolet radiation.
    • The water here phosphoresces when disturbed, so it was amazing to watch a few of these lovely animals glowing in the murk.
    • Researchers report that palladium atoms present at parts-per-million quantities in a polymer LED cause the material to phosphoresce.