Traducción de phosphoric en Español:


fosfórico, adj.

Pronunciación /fɒsˈfɒrɪk//fɑsˈfɔrɪk/


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    • Observers, however, revealed some irregularities, including the use of wooden and thus non-transparent ballot boxes and a weakened solution of phosphoric ink.
    • 3,500 million years ago in some warm little pond, with ammonia, phosphoric salts, light, heat etc. present, a protein compound was chemically formed to undergo.
    • It included: ‘Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees.’
    • This increased pollution in the water body by raising the phosphoric content in the lake, thereby encouraging weed growth.
    • A soldier stepped on his head, he said, and someone broke a phosphoric light and spilled the chemicals on him.