Traducción de photo opportunity en Español:

photo opportunity

Pronunciación /ˌfəʊtəʊɒpəˈtjuːnəti/


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    • It makes me queasy just to turn up for the photo opportunity so I turn up for the briefing as well.
    • Private Aye predicts a photo opportunity and there may even be an interview granted to puffing hacks when he reaches the summit.
    • But for most of Ireland's celebrity set - where every event is a photo opportunity - being a celebrity has really become a job in itself.
    • After the photo opportunity, the drivers returned to the Marriott Marquis for a luncheon and interviews with national and international print, video and online media outlets.
    • He decided to go ahead with his photo opportunity.
    • I'm sure there'll be a photo opportunity at some point.
    • Pity she had not organised a photo opportunity with the goodly restaurateur, giving both of them great publicity, and shoring up her image.
    • But there were questions about the significance of Thursday's meeting, with some critics calling it a mere photo opportunity.
    • And after he completed the stunt to the audience's applause, he asked to be excused while he took time out for a photo opportunity, which he informed us he never misses.
    • It was a photo opportunity and made good copy too.
    • And remember that this is not a photo opportunity - cameras are usually prohibited - but it is a sobering experience opportunity.
    • A photo opportunity like this, while it is good - maybe the term is theater.
    • This Government was prepared to put the people of New Zealand at a significant disadvantage on the basis that it wanted to sign into this protocol simply for a photo opportunity.
    • They simply couldn't say no to a photo opportunity in front of the aircraft.
    • This did however provide a good photo opportunity.
    • I'm told that, during a photo opportunity in Brighton, a passer-by pointed me out as ‘the shadow prime minister’.
    • Hardly a month has passed without a photo opportunity of the high-profile minister opening a state-of-the-art road scheme.
    • Local people know APEC means more than a photo opportunity.
    • To ensure some press coverage, a photo opportunity was announced on 10 July, a week before the party, and the day before the release of Microsoft's Q4 results.
    • The antivirus research team had a nice photo opportunity last week when we had our US lab visiting us here in Finland.