Traducción de photojournalism en Español:


periodismo fotográfico, n.

Pronunciación /ˌfoʊdoʊˈdʒərnəˌlɪzəm//fəʊtəʊˈdʒəːn(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


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    periodismo fotográfico masculino
    fotoperiodismo masculino
    • Ask questions about the crafts of copy-editing, photojournalism, illustration, graphics, design, and new media.
    • Print and broadcasting, broadsheet and tabloid newspapers, photojournalism, TV, and radio are all different.
    • His photographs achieve a delicate balance between photojournalism and fine art photography.
    • I think that photojournalism doesn't really work that well online because the web makes it too easy to click through the pages.
    • If some of the photography on view is open to the charge of being photojournalism rather than art, the work of Jeff Wall clearly stands apart from reportage.
    • The Observer itself has an unrivalled reputation for its use of photography and photojournalism and this has been underlined by two recent awards.
    • Many years later, photographers with hand-held cameras that used sheet and roll film turned photojournalism into a gripping art form.
    • Galleries and photographers are selling photojournalism as fine art and they are selling special effects photography as fine art.
    • But you don't want that experience while watching the news at 8 or looking at photojournalism in a newspaper.
    • He will graduate with a major in computer science and a minor in philosophy, and he plans to pursue his interest in freelance photography and photojournalism.
    • It is less a history than a survey of the usage of photojournalism as practiced by the famous and the obscure.
    • Stoddart avoids the staple tool of photojournalism, the telephoto lens.
    • The summer internship at the News Desk at Getty Images New York follows, where he will receive first hand experience in photojournalism in a working news agency.
    • I think it is fair to say that he was the founder of photojournalism and the magazine soon became known for its vivid photographs.
    • Gatekeeping is an integral part of photojournalism: the photographer decides how to frame an image and the exact instance at which to open the shutter.
    • He sees them as a way to extend photojournalism's reach, and to expand the photojournalist's reporting role.
    • In Bangalore, her exhibition has four parts: portraits, photojournalism, landscapes and art photos.
    • If the web had been available to Henry Luce when he started LIFE Magazine, how would photojournalism have evolved?
    • We only ask that the portfolio falls within the boundary of photographic reportage: including photojournalism, documentary photography and portraiture.
    • His first picture was published in the Evening Times and kicked off a career that encompasses both photojournalism and celebrity portraiture.