Traducción de physicist en Español:


físico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɪzəsəst//ˈfɪzɪsɪst/


  • 1

    físico masculino
    física femenino
    • In doing so, he educated several generations of physicists in statistical mechanics in a style rare in this century.
    • Early last century, a physicist called Wolfgang Pauli invented a particle to help his sums balance.
    • However, the fascination of physicists with the natural world shows no sign of ending.
    • A moving particle will carry with it the energy of its motion, which the physicists call kinetic energy.
    • In 1934 the Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard filed a patent with the British Patent Office.
    • So fate not only made me a physicist, but it also made me a computer scientist.
    • A form of pragmatism, it was expounded by an American physicist, Percy Bridgman.
    • This is another reason why physicists have become so impressed by string theory.
    • Maybe the end is in sight for theoretical physicists, if not for theoretical physics.
    • Now physicists have spotted the equivalent result in photons flying near an atom.
    • The brilliant physicist, Richard Feynman, did poorly in some subjects.
    • From then on the twenty-three-year-old physicist could call himself Dr. Stephen Hawking.
    • Even physicists concede that quantum physics is mostly irrelevant to large scale phenomena.
    • Even a biologist must trust what a physicist says about quantum mechanics.
    • For years physicists have wondered how a crumpled sheet can be so extraordinarily rigid.
    • Unfortunately, a quick straw poll revealed two engineering students, two physicists and a maths graduate.
    • In fact, mathematicians and physicists were among the last to latch on to the importance of symmetry.
    • But then, being a physicist, Pieranski did something that few mathematicians would think to do.
    • The idea of counting as physicists all students who obtain any degree in physics is a bit of a stretch.
    • Little wonder that these machines are proving to be so popular with physicists.